Instant CalMag-C, Year In Review

2016 was a year of many things; a bit of a crazy year in many ways. The American election alone was enough to sum up some of the more stressful points. But inroads were made too, for positive change. A great deal of good happened as well. Amidst all of it, and for us here at the

Instant CalMag-C, we made strides toward our goal to improve health, reduce stress and influence a world-wide calm. And, a time when we typically think of peace on Earth is the perfect opportunity to look back on the progress toward that goal.

Reducing stress, pain and discomfort is a good start…

One of the best parts of 2016 for Instant CalMag-C was the influx of successes of those using it to combat stress, soothe and relax sore muscles, reduce anxiety, keep pain at bay and many others.

Even a professional football player has been talking it up in his circles on how it has helped him combat many of the issues he developed from the game. No matter the issue, one thing is clear: it is difficult to remain calm and create peace if you are in lowered spirits because of pain, discomfort and stress. Combating these things as a primary target is key. Here is a good first start in doing the impossible.

People in excellent health feel better and produce more!

It may escape you at first glance but, people in great health produce more, are happier and friendlier and contribute more within their circles. This has a tendency to create a ripple effect. Take the professional athlete who said he has no more anger issues on the field as a result of using Instant CalMag-C. What ripple effects does this have on his team? Or, take the business-owner mom who gives it to her young child who “won’t go to sleep at night” who now sleeps through the night and goes to bed at a reasonable time. What of the sanity she has gained back and the effects it has on her business, her clients and their businesses and lives? These small wonders are an entrance point where big changes can be ushered in and are what keep us moving forward.

As seen on TV, CalMag-C is now reaching millions via satellite…

One of the most banner accomplishments and strides toward planetary impact we have made was getting Instant CalMag-C to become part of the “As Seen On TV” family of products. With the flick of a switch, our commercials are running all over TV letting exponentially more people in on the ICMC secret! This has introduced more new people to the product than ever before by leaps and bounds. So we are now meeting the increased demand for a solution in a fast-changing, stressed-out society and proud to be producing at an entirely new level! And the new successes are pouring in!

Committed to doing our share of creating “Peace on Earth”

Peace on Earth is not just a nice concept we think of once per year – not to us at Instant CalMag-C headquarters. We see this as more of a call to action than a wish; an action plan, not just a hope for a future possibility. Factually, everyone shares a part of it from his or her station, quarter, or corner of the world. With the influences we are now having on health, we know we are making a difference and are spreading the news far and wide so more may become aware of it.

Perhaps, most of all, we are grateful to users of Instant CalMag-C for not only making positive changes in their lives, but sharing it with others. When you do this, you are helping us reach our goal of creating a calm planet where Peace on Earth is not only hopeful, but a reality. Thank you to all who have contributed to the cause. Your own good health is not selfish – it is contributing to creation of worldwide change!

Happy Holidays and a prosperous, healthy and productive New Year to all! Here’s to flourishing, abundant health!

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