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You can induce almost any mental problem just through deficiencies. Hmmmm?

“Physical health, which is the basis for mental, emotional, and spiritual development, cannot be maintained without adequate nutrition. Sound nutrition stands as a fortress against disease, a fortress whose gates are open and into which all may enter who wish. The strength of this fortress can help protect our citizens and our nation.” (From Adelle Davis’ Let’s Get Well: A Fortress Against Disease, published circa 1965)

Depression, for example, can be created in anyone who is deficient in most of the B vitamins or has low blood sugar. It is definitely not caused by a deficiency of some or other psychotropic drug (also known as medication).

Likewise, stress can be created in anyone who is deficient in the B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, minerals, etc.

I must point out, though, that we are never deficient in only one nutrient. Depression, lack of energy, stress, hyperactivity, insomnia, etc, etc are all symptoms of general malnutrition but some deficiencies may be more pronounced than others.

I have used the word malnutrition deliberately. Even though we’re living in the USA, many of us are very malnourished despite an abundance of so-called food.

Eating dead or empty foods creates malnourishment and puts a lot of strain on our bodies and increases the chances of all kinds of diseases because the body isn’t getting what it needs to function and, in addition, it has to do something with the overload of dead food, which is actually toxic to the body.

The secret is to eat as much salad and vegetables – as close to uncooked as possible and preferably organic – plus good quality meat or fish (or other sources of protein) from organic sources if possible and to get enough good quality fats into our diets. After decades of low-fat diet popularity, more people are experiencing hormonal and overweight problems. These problems cause depression too.

If we were meant to eat low-fat diets, cows, goats, fish, nuts, seeds etc would produce low-fat foods. They don’t so one can assume that perhaps Mother Nature knows what’s best for us.

It is also advisable to avoid refined (the packaged foods) and fast foods. They are health destroyers. Having said this, I also don’t believe in telling people “Don’t ….” When health starts to improve through good nutrition, most bad food habits diminish or have less of an effect so focus on getting the right things into your diet and not on the things you should eliminate. I find this a much more positive approach.

Along with the additional help of nutritional supplementation, many symptoms, such as depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, a poor mental attitude, etc, will start reducing and can disappear.


I have seen so many improvements in people’s health when they follow a good overall nutrition program – and I don’t mean taking bunches of pills etc – that faith can be restored in good nutrition. The program I recommend is so fundamental that even toddlers can consume it.

I wish you the very best of health for yourself and your loved ones.

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