Improve Your Golf Swing From Within

Can you improve your golf swing without the swing?

Any golfer wants to play better. To improve your golf swing, however, you need to make some changes. And, it turns out, they are not all mechanical. Most techniques teach you how to move your body, how to “use the power of the club” and not your arms. Any golf advice or tips boil down to this. But, is there something beneath that swing that can give you the extra edge? Can you really do something above and beyond the norm? The answer will surprise you. It comes from within.

Is your equipment in order?

Just as your clubs needs to be in top condition to make that 200 yard drive, so do your muscles need to be in shape to swing them. An excellent golf swing may appear to rely on form, but the function of the muscles have everything to do with it. While, yes, power hasn’t much to do with it, the condition of the muscles to control the swing are of utmost importance. This relies on two sources: fitness and nutrition. Of which, nutrition is of key distinction.

The power of the drive resides in the club but the swing’s power is from the muscles

Consider this: If you were on unstable ground when you teed off, how well would you control the ball, it’s direction and distance? The answer is obvious. This is why the muscles are so crucial. They are the support structure for motion and action. To improve your golf swing, therefore, you need to work on those muscles. Too many players relegate this to “just working out” at the gym by lifting weights. This will help but isn’t the entire story. The muscles need to be worked from the inside out.

Mineral support is the most overlooked element to improve your golf swing

Your muscles are in a constant tandem motion, not matter the activity: contract-relax. Any motion you make or action you take involves these two functions. Contract-relax is part and parcel to every muscle group. Therefore, to improve your golf swing, you must consider which muscles make which motions and their coordination in doing so. These functions, however, rely on minerals to be effective. Magnesium, in precise form, combined with a precision form of calcium in proper ratio, create these motions respectively. Without these minerals present, the muscles do not perform properly and there is no stable base for function. This turns out to be the missing ingredient from golf swings everywhere, even with the pros. Calcium and magnesium are the best kept secrets in golf.

Videos may or may not improve your golf swing but calcium and magnesium just might

Face it. You can find plenty of YouTube videos to help improve your golf swing. But can they improve your muscle function and give you that stable base? Even if you need to build muscles, they yet need mineral support. Calcium and magnesium are key to providing the support to build, maintain and effectively use them to make that perfect swing. Only with this combination in place can any certainty of skill be counted upon.

Try Instant CalMag-C. It’s unique, laboratory-formulated combination gives the muscles the type of support they need from within to effect the proper swing. It may not get you that hole-in-one, but it may be just the drive you need to drive that ball farther, more accurately and could even be the difference between a birdie and a bogey!

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