If Sleep Is the Answer to Stress, Why Is It Out of the Question?

Feeling tired is a symptom of stress, but so is lack of sleep, leaving it more of a question than an answer.


We know we require it. We often de-prioritize it. Then, just when we need it, we can’t seem to get it.

Arguably the most important activity of our day, sleep is a vital, if elusive topic to understand. As natural an activity as digestion, it seems way less “automatic” in nature, not to be taken for granted.

But why?

If the body’s intelligent design accounts for a perfect harmony of body function, and most processes work as they should, shouldn’t sleep operate without fail and just as consistently?

Though it should, it clearly doesn’t, a fact known all too well by those who cannot attain sufficient quantity nor quality of sleep.

Stress seems to be an obvious culprit but only seems to make sleep difficulty seem like a permanent condition you have to learn to “live with,” coping with it as best you can.

What, however, IS stress anyway, and why would it prevent the very thing that would seem to relieve it: sleep!

The simple answer and remedy lies in untangling the mystery and generality that is “stress” and reveals 3 factors that can help sufferers turn sleep killers into killer sleep!

Are sleep problems causing your sleep problems?

Which came first? The sleep problem, or the sleep problem?

This chicken-vs-egg scenario is more than a cute analogy as it actually depicts a self-perpetuating situation which can cause stress in the first place, resulting in sleep issues!

Sleep is vitally important to revitalize the body, build and repair tissue and even burn fat, restore energy and a host of other functions. It is the kingpin of all activity.

When you compromise your sleep in any way, even if initially you are able to sleep normally, you begin to predispose yourself to being the effect of stress.

It doesn’t take a research scientist to understand that if your body cannot rebuild, revitalize and restore itself, it will eventually begin to “self-destruct” even if over time.

Breakdown of body function is inevitable and, being itself one of them, it too begins to worsen over time.

So, the foremost takeaway is that sleep itself plays an initial role that can leave you open to a variety of environmental stressors which can invade the body and affect it adversely.

In fact, there are 3 major factors in our current environment which drastically affect the quality and quantity of our sleep.

Certainly understanding them would be of great service to restoring a good night’s sleep and an all-out attack on stress!

Where are they hiding and how do you find them?

They are so obvious, you never would have suspected!

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3 Sleep Killers Killing Your Killer Sleep!

While there are many factors which can influence quality and quantity of sleep, three very popular ones are of senior significance.

First, there are problems related to basic body structure.

The structure of the body is designed to be perfect but, when it goes off balance, it can actually hinder energy flow which is vital to various processes.

Posture is a key symptom of this issue. Issues with posture can compound during sleep but, more importantly, can be hindering nerve energy flow which is vital for the body to communicate within itself and keep sleep cycles operational and regular.


Secondly, there is the aspect of physical, environmental stress.

While it is known that emotional stress can have an impact on sleep (and could be said to be the fourth major factor in fact), one physical component of our environment, very popular in today’s society, is mimicking this emotional impact: screen time!

The amount of time spent staring at digital screens actually has a physical impact similar to being “kept awake” by emotional stresses. The blue light associated with LED screenings such as TV’s, computers, tablets and phones, even billboards and the like affects our ability to fall asleep.


This is to say nothing of its radiation which is extremely significant too!

Such keep the brain in constant stimulation and prevent sleep from being achieved until its effects “wear off”. Many of us are so plugged in to all of it that we do not experience enough “away time” to actually de-stress enough to fall asleep or even stay asleep.

Our sleep quality AND quantity are both at risk from these factors.

Lastly, if we are not nourished properly, naturally the body can break down. To say nothing of poor nutrition and “poisons” we may ingest, simple lack of the nutrients nerves and brain require to function affects every system and process.

Sleep is among the first to go.

And with THAT, all others are soon to follow.

These 3 factors, any one of them alone, are enough to keep you from sleeping.

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What can you do to restore killer sleep if something is killing it?

When it comes to postural issues creating nerve interference, your local chiropractor is expert in that. Sometimes your mattress can be a factor as can may of your postural routines at work, during workout and even just “chilling out” on the couch. Getting the nerve energy flowing is key in this case.

As for screen time, drastically reducing it and getting out and extroverting (while resisting checking your instagram and text messages) on a hike, walk, run or the like can help.

Cutting off all digital screen usage and keeping it’s radiation at a distance before sleep can help too. Keeping your phone away form your head all night and having no screen time whatsoever an hour before sleep can be a game-changer too.

If your nutrition is deficient, there are a ton of obvious things that can be done. One of them is to check your intake and usage of the most vital minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Responsible for hundreds of body processes (and yes, sleep is one of them!), these power, tandem-acting minerals are responsible for everything from your blood pressure to muscle relaxation.

In a way, they could be called the “stress minerals” as, in their deficiency, a host of very popular stress symptoms come into play. But it is no game when it comes to that!

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If you are deficient in calcium and magnesium, your sleep may be at stake, but an answer is yet possible…

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