I Wish I Could Sleep…..

Sleep Better and Back Pain: “I sleep better and feel much better during my day work.  I’m much more relaxed and simply happy. I suffered from muscle stiffness and back pain about over four years now! And I can´t believe that this suffering has an end now! Be sure that I´m going to be your most faithful customer!


CG, Germany


Sleep: “Good advice – and simple. I have my own experience with CalMag-C: I took a glass of it, when I first encountered it, and it immediately made my body relax little tensions all over – very pleasant experience; and I have to add here that at that time I had taken other products offering Calcium, Magnesium and acid “in the correct relative amounts” – which is an important point for the uptake of it. This product IS superior in my book and it is easy.


Now, I normally don’t suffer from insomnia, but once in a blue moon I can have a hard time not being totally asleep at night and having a demanding program the next day, so I WANT to sleep, when I decide to; in that case I take a pinch of unrefined sea salt (the greyish stuff or the pinkish stuff, not the bleached refined kinds) and drink a glass of water and lie down and say “I sleep” and I do indeed! Hope this can help others too.


SD, Denmark


Lack of Sleep Affects Enjoyment


An inability to sleep eventually leads to reduced production, ability to focus and increased irritability, which doesn’t bode well for relationships at home or in the work place. If it continues long enough, it has a negative effect on health and the more it occurs, the tougher things get.

There can be many reasons for insomnia and they are listed here, along with some suggestions to overcome them.


Too much caffeine or sugar stuff: This results in the adrenals going into overdrive and the cortisol production to go haywire. There are times when it is supposed to be high and times when it is supposed to be low. When it’s time for sleeping it should be low. A good test here is if you’re not “switching off” mentally and your “computer” keeps going. This is usually the one where you can’t stop thinking or planning the next day.


Solution: Try taking a tablespoon or so of Brewer’s Yeast and a glass of CalMag-C.

Low blood sugar: If blood sugar is low it can cause one to wake up or not be able to fall asleep. Blood sugar has to be steady.


Solution: Eat a light protein snack such as a boiled egg, a piece of cheese, some nuts or some peanut butter. Don’t overload yourself. Avoid sugar or refined carbs as they will throw it out again and drink a glass of CalMag-C.


Dehydration: If you’re dehydrated, it is difficult to sleep. Dehydration is not only caused by lack of water but also a lack of minerals – actually real salt. Many people say they can’t be dehydrated because they drink so much water. If you’re drinking a lot of water, you’re diluting any minerals you may have through sweat and/or urination so drinking a lot can actually worsen dehydration. Coffee and fizzy drinks also cause dehydration. Too much sugar does too.


Solution: A good, simple solution is to add real unrefined salt to your drinking water till it tastes pleasant and a glass of CalMag-C. If possible, avoid coffee and fizzy drinks.


Deficiencies of calcium and/or magnesium: An inability to sleep is also an inability to relax. Calcium is essential for the relaxation of nerve tissue, whereas magnesium is particularly involved with the normal function of the brain, spinal cord, and all nerves. (extracted from Adelle Davis’ Let’s


Get Well – Disorders of the Nervous System). It is important to help the body relax so it can switch off and sleep. Repair of the body occurs during sleep. Besides the nervousness and irritability that occurs as a result of not sleeping, the body just cannot repair itself from the ravages of the day.


Solution: Drink a glass of CalMag-C before bed. Click here to order.

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