How to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant

How to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant

 How to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant, is as essential to a woman as the role calcium-magnesium plays in her body. Not only one, but two people are counting on there being enough health supported by calcium-magnesium to maintain functions in one body and grow another.


Minerals and inner vitality

A woman concerned with how to sleep better, safe, naturally when pregnant needs calcium to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth for both mother and fetus. Calcium will help to conduct nerve impulses, which will assist both the unborn’s and mother-to-be’s heart and muscles.Calcium, on the other hand, is not easily absorbed inside the body without a presence of its “twin” mineral, magnesium.


Generous amounts of calcium-magnesium may prevent poor health conditions associated with pregnancy. Seizures or coma (eclampsia) and other problems, such as pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, rank high on the list of risks. Keeping adequate nutrient supplies inside of both mother and the growing fetus becomes vital in light of the role calcium-magnesium plays.


There are several good food sources: dairy products, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, okra, chickpeas, lentils, sweet potatoes, tofu, and sardines, among others, for calcium and magnesium.

However, given today’s “modern” diets, ready absorption of enough calcium and magnesium from food intake alone is not guaranteed for one, let alone for two bodies. Calcium-magnesium supplements should be added to the daily diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy and adequate sleep.


For both mother and fetus learning how to sleep better, safe, naturally when pregnant – a life-enhancing function for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth – they will have to receive regular, supplemental doses of calcium-magnesium in a form that allows sure and speedy absorption where it counts.


Calcium’s extra role

When the time arrives for the delivery, calcium acts as a naturally effective painkiller, making it a better, healthier choice than taking a drug. A calm, happy baby and mother, who knows how to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant, after childbirth, and while she nurses her child, is, of course, a blessing for dad and the rest of the family, too!


Magnesium is the unsung hero 

How to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant, depends on magnesium. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are many: extreme irritability, a rapid heartbeat, nervousness, tremors, convulsions, insomnia, insanity, extra sensitivity to noise, to name a few. The long list that accompanies magnesium deficiency tells us about the mineral’s value. A pregnant woman needs adequate amounts of it in her body


To add to that, cellular absorption of calcium requires the presence of magnesium. Magnesium can help prevent eclampsia, a condition of spasms, seizures and, at times, coma that might be life-threatening to both mother and the unborn and can result in spasms in the placenta and umbilical cord, harming the baby’s growth and the development of certain functions. Magnesium helps to prevent such spasms by relaxing nerves and muscles. Additionally, it aids enzymes in their work, controls cholesterol levels and irregular heartbeats, and regulates insulin and blood-sugar levels.


The role calcium-magnesium plays

When balanced in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate, calcium-magnesium relaxes the muscles (magnesium’s job) and contracts them (calcium’s job). This rhythmic coordination plays a large role in how to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant, as well as keeping the pregnant body healthy until the baby is ready to be born. Because proper levels of magnesium help to prohibit premature uterine contractions, the baby can arrive naturally, and not too soon.


The role calcium-magnesium plays works better within a narrow pH window. Calcium and magnesium are naturally alkaline — non-acidic. As a result, the human body does not absorb them well unless they are made more acidic by adding an acid around them, like Vitamin C, which works well to improve absorption  and entry into the cells.


How to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant

All-natural Instant CalMag-C enhances calcium-magnesium function inside of a pregnant woman’s body. Made of two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate and added vitamin C, it creates a correct pH environment for the body to absorb the minerals. In many cases its effects can be felt in less than 30 minutes.



A heaping teaspoon mixed with half a cup of boiling water creates a fizzy reaction. When cooled, or after adding a flavored liquid (water or juice), one simply drinks it!

With Instant CalMag-C, the problem of learning how to sleep better, safe, naturally, when pregnant, is solved.


Pregnant, or not, for anyone else wanting to sleep better anytime… Instant CalMag-C is your quick solution!


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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is intended or meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This information is an an aid to understanding only and is not a substitute for medical advice provided by a licensed medical practitioner. Consultation with your licensed medical practitioner is recommended before taking any calcium/magnesium supplement.


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