How To Relax – Naturally

Are you, like millions of others, chronically tense or anxious?

Do you suffer from a dry mouth or feel like you’re suffocating? Is your stomach constantly in a knot or having spasms? Or, do you get chronic muscle cramps? Here, let me give you some data that might explain these phenomena.

Your nervous system is a communication network that controls and co-ordinates most body activities.

In addition, the nervous system works unnoticed to regulate a multitude of internal activities, such as modulating body temperature or altering heart rate, in order to maintain homeostasis – the state of balance and stability that exists in a healthy body regardless of changes in the external and internal environments of a person.

The nervous system consists of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Your parasympathetic nervous system keeps you calm and helps slow your mind and your body down whilst your sympathetic nervous system keeps you going, going, going.

This is important because when you’re supposed to be on the go – working, exercising, in action – you need your sympathetic nervous system to be firing away and providing you with energy but, when you’re supposed to relax, unwind, eat calmly, sleep peacefully, your parasympathetic nervous system needs to take over.

In other words, a balanced nervous system will allow you to have plenty of energy when you’re supposed to but also allow you to be calm and peaceful when you’re supposed to be relaxed.

To function properly, your parasympathetic nervous system needs the alkaline minerals to create the calmness and peace whilst your sympathetic nervous system requires the acid minerals to give that energy when you need it for your work or play. But the keyword here is BALANCE. You need both the alkaline AND acid minerals but they must be in balance so you don’t exclude one or the other unless you’re already getting too much of one from the foods you eat.

The main alkaline minerals include, amongst others, calcium, magnesium and potassium while the predominant acid mineral is phosphorus.

Phosphorus mainly comes from your grains (breads, pastas, crackers, processed foods, pies, cakes, etc) – your typical American diet – while calcium, magnesium and potassium mainly come from your greens – of which most people don’t get enough.

The important thing to know is that you need to eat more green vegetables and fewer grains.

You can also supplement with a good quality calcium and magnesium supplement like Instant CalMag-C (see below) as well as try taking two to three teaspoons of a good quality apple cider vinegar such as Braggs in some water with raw organic honey to get some good quality potassium into your body. This is quite a tasty drink if done right and goes a long way to providing you with the potassium your body needs. It’s available online at Paul Bragg’s site. I don’t have any connections with his organization other than being a consumer of their apple cider vinegar myself.

It is simple to reduce the tension and anxiety and have a calm and peaceful night’s sleep by eating more greens and taking good quality calcium and magnesium supplement.

I wish you a tension- and stress-free day and a good night’s sleep.

Instant CalMag-C

Instant CalMag-C is a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with vitamin C that your body can assimilate very rapidly. Unlike pills that can sit in your stomach and not be fully digested, or even at all for that matter, Instant CalMag-C has been formulated with the precise pH balance so that it can be absorbed speedily into your body. The vitamin C is what makes Instant CalMag-C’s pH balance perfect. So, your body absorbs it instantly without digestion and you can feel the soothing of your nerves in the matter of minutes.

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Anxiety Attacks

Since I lost somebody very close to me, I have a problem with anxiety attacks.  It comes and goes but when I do get it, it stays for about a week where I cannot breath and therefore cannot sleep – even my lips go numb.  You just don’t get enough oxygen into your lungs.  You want to yawn all the time in the hope that enough oxygen reaches your lungs.  Anyone who has had anxiety, will know what I am talking about!  I started taking Calmag-C and, within a few minutes of taking it, I can feel the breathing is calmer and I gasp less and less for air and eventually I am able to sleep.  The next morning, my breathing is still normal. Instant Calmag-C really helps. I can definitely recommend it to anyone who has anxiety!”

TG Pretoria

Less Stress and Anxiety


Having a few days of not taking Instant CalMag-C, I noticed I was feeling anxious about things. I really noticed how much it helped me to feel less stress after taking it. Many thanks for your help.

J.K., United Kingdom

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