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Liver – Main Detoxification Organ of Your Body

You may not know this but your body (actually your liver) deposits toxins in the tissues of your body. The reason it does this is due to overload. It can’t cope with the abundance of toxins.

Your body has a large number of fat cells. This is a good thing. Your body cannot make hormones and even have adequate energy if you didn’t. You need fat – good fat.

Whether you’re skinny or fat or anywhere in between, you have fat cells. When your liver deposits these toxins because of being overloaded, it deposits them majorly in your fat cells. That’s just the way our bodies are made. We have a clever body design architect.

Toxins and Their Sources

Toxins can be gotten from many sources. You breathe in fumes, you eat food that is loaded with chemicals, pesticides, etc, some people have meds (even though they might be needed, they are still drugs and drugs are toxins), viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold – and the list goes on and on.

As I said before, your liver gets overloaded and cannot filter out the toxins from your blood fast enough (you’re supposed to get rid of them through your urine and stools) so it starts depositing them in your cells and joints, muscles, ligaments. That’s why people start to get arthritic and more inflamed (Pain! Pain! Pain!) as the years go on. More and more toxins are deposited. 

Fat and Energy

Fat is a good thing. Your body needs it. If you’re low in energy, it could be because you don’t have enough fat. Fat produces a good kind of energy. Low-fat products and margarines are highly destructive to your body. If you don’t have adequate and PROPER fat, your body can’t produce hormones.

Hormones are the chemical messengers that carry instructions to your cells and are vital for you to function properly, have energy, feel good, have sex drive, be able to sleep, concentrate, etc.

Toxins Spilling Out and Allergies

When your body draws energy from your fat cells, any toxins locked up in that fat will once again spill back into your bloodstream and that can make you feel awful.

This includes histamines and any other non-optimum particles that were deposited there.

How Does This Affect You?

Well, histamines are the by-product of allergic reactions.  Your liver has to deal with the overload of histamine just like any other toxin. A person has allergies to whatever he has allergies to, gets put on some kind of anti-histamine and the liver, already under strain, now has to cope with the overload of histamine AND the by-product of the drug, which is also a toxin to your body.

When your blood sugar drops due to insufficient food or an increased need for energy like when you’re exercising, sweating in the hot sun, working, running your household etc, your body draws energy from your fat cells.

The only problem is, if those cells are loaded with toxins (histamines, drug particles, bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, mold) you can “re-experience” all the symptoms of those toxins. In the case of histamines, your nose might start running, your skin itch or eyes itch or water, your head might hurt, you might get diarrhea – there are any number of symptoms.

In the case of past drug use (street or medical drugs, alcohol, etc), you may re-experience flash backs or hallucinations. In the case of yeast, fungus, mold etc you might start itching, get bloated – or whatever your personal symptoms are.

If you understand this principle, you will realize that is all that’s happening. Most people take more  “meds” to get rid of the problem and, without realizing it, just add fuel to the fire and set themselves up for worse reactions in the future.

Have you noticed that your symptoms are getting worse as the years go on? It’s not because you’re getting older. It’s just the build-up of more toxins and a failure of your body to cope and get rid of them fast enough.

The Solution

The first thing to do is to ensure that you’re eating at least three meals a day of proper nutritious food. I know, I know. It’s difficult to do this with the fast pace of modern living but I am giving you the solution. There are many ways to work this out.

The main thing is NOT to allow your blood sugar levels to drop by missing meals. If your lifestyle is such that it’s difficult to eat at appropriate times, make sure you carry good quality almond or pecan nuts with you. Sunflower seeds are good too. Peanuts will also work. Decent snack food – not junk.

Obviously, don’t use anything to which you’re allergic.

Warning: don’t leave oil-containing foods in a hot car as the oils will go rancid and rancid oils are toxic. Keep them in your pocket or purse.

The purpose is to have these as snacks – not replacements for meals – so if you’re not able to eat when you’re supposed to, you can at least maintain a proper blood sugar level and prevent the consequences of low blood sugar.

Symptoms of low blood sugar include: low energy, lethargy, fatigued, exhaustion, dizziness, mood swings (depressed), headaches, migraines, cravings, irritability, grouchiness, unco-operative, blackouts, etc.

Obviously the more extreme symptoms are when your blood sugar has dropped dangerously low. You can feel all the above symptoms in varying degrees. The worst thing, though, is the toxins that get pulled into your bloodstream as your body tries to get energy from the fat compound the problem and symptoms can make you feel like you’re losing it.

Before you panic, eat something.

Also, ensure you’re getting your basic vitamin intake – don’t stress your body even more with hit or miss products – there are basics. Make sure you’re taking a good quality calcium and magnesium too. Your adrenals (the “stress” glands of your body) need these minerals to function properly and ensure that the blood vessels leading to your heart and other muscles are contracting and relaxing properly.

Any toxic overload causes your adrenals to “kick in” to try and cope with the overloads. Strengthen them so they can do their job.

To really get rid of the toxins permanently, there are additional solutions. If you want more information about these, please contact us. We can help. 

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