How To Reduce Colds and ‘Flu, Especially in Children

Kids, ‘Flu and Asthma: “I’m the mother of two beautiful twin girls.  They are both 6 years old.  Last year my first daughter was suffering from ‘flu.  When I took her to the doctor they told me that she had asthma.  She was put onto a whole range of medication.  One day I explained to to one of your staff that my child is not getting better. In fact, she is getting worse and very fast.  She recommended your multi-vitamin, protein and CalMag-C. They started to use the products in November and haven’t had any ‘flu since then!  Also the asthma has disappeared! For myself, I am using your vitamin C and also the CalMag-C and if it is that time of the month, believe me I don’t have any period pains anymore! Thanks  for saving my kid’s life!” 

AM Pietersburg

Colds, ‘Flu and Polio

During growth spurts, children are more susceptible to colds, ‘flu, childhood diseases – and even polio!

Why is this?

Believe it or not, a calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency fevers are common in children when they are going through rapid bone growth, especially if they’re getting too many processed cereals. That’s because they’re getting too much phosphorus in proportion to the calcium.

Phosphorus is also a mineral and is needed by the body but if the balance with calcium goes out, it worsens the calcium deficiency. Like calcium needs magnesium to maintain proper balance and be used by the body, phosphorus needs to be balanced up with calcium.

Besides setting the child up for illness and diseases, deficiencies also result in an inability to relax and hyperactivity. The child gets “wired” and just cannot relax or sit still. It drives teachers and parents crazy and is no different to the feeling you get when you have had too much coffee and the resultant caffeine overload. You get a kind of nervy feeling.

This “wired” behavior very often results in a child being prescribed medication that just worsens the problem. They’re not deficient in meds, after all! We don’t need zombie children. We need live, vibrant, calm and happy children who are disease-free and successful in life.

They are, after all, our future.

In closing, childhood illnesses, colds, ‘flu and polio can just be a sign of calcium and magnesium deficiency. Prevention is always better and easier than cure. All our bodies need minerals, regardless of age. Two of these minerals are calcium and magnesium and they both need to be in the correct ratio to each other and enough to balance up high phosphorus diets (junk foods, cereals, soft drinks etc).

It is also the perfect thing to give teething babies. Calcium and magnesium “coat” the nerves so teething doesn’t have to be painful or unpleasant and the poor baby doesn’t have to feel “wired” or get ill. All this is caused by rapid growth in the mouth and a big depletion of calcium and magnesium. Teething can be a pleasant experience and over before you even realize it.

Calcium and magnesium are necessary for a healthy body and are not just for a “quick fix”. Disease  and discomfort can be prevented and should be.

The best way to take them is in a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium along with vitamin C to create the correct pH for optimum absorption.

Try it today and see the difference in family calmness with happy babies and children.

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Teething Baby: “Once my daughter cried and I could clearly see that she was feeling pain, she was 3 months old. I realized that most likely it was teething symptoms that bothered her.  I immediately went to the kitchen and made her a portion of Calmag-C.

“She was crying like someone was cutting her body with a knife. I must say it’s very distressing. During all thirty minutes that she was crying I was giving her little by little Calmag-C with teaspoon. Then she calmed down and soon she was sleeping. Since then she was getting at least a couple of teaspoons of Calmag-C every day and she was doing great with no problems.

“Being always happy, after a while she began to manifest discomfort, she began irritated easily. I thought “This is it!”

“I increased the intake of CalMag-C by giving her a few teaspoons a few times a day. So she was drinking now about a half of glass every day. Calmag-C handled this irritation and discomfort. This lasted for a week and then finally we got 2 first teeth!!

“I think that we handled the teething symptoms very well. And I praise Calmag-C for that. I convince all mothers to use only high-quality CalMag-C which works! I wish health and calmness to mothers and their babies and kids!  With love.”

Olga T, Russia

Please note: we are not doctors. If you or a loved one is suffering from a health condition, please consult your medical doctor for advice. We do, however, urge you to see a doctor who understands nutrition’s role in resolving any health problems you have.

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