How to Make Quitting Smoking Easier

Why is it so hard to quit smoking? The answer may make it easier for you or a loved one!

Whether it’s you or a loved one who desires to quit smoking, it can be a challenge. And, while some can put the pack of cigarettes down and never touch it again, the majority tend to suffer or even fail.

But why is quitting smoking so hard for so many?

Like any addiction to any chemical compound (essentially poison to the body), the body reacts when a sudden stop occurs. This is the withdrawal process and, as many have found out, can be brutal!

But, with an understanding of how addiction occurs, it can be made easier and success in quitting becomes possible!

Why is it more painful to quit than continue smoking?

Continuing to smoke is only easier because of the pain that comes along with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Let’s face it. It can be physically painful to quit almost any bad habit. The body reacts to a sudden change in the amount of an addictive substance, and this process wreaks havoc.

Certainly, none of us want to feel pain, tension, increased stress or fatigue. But are we destined to feel this way? Is this the only way to quit?

Can you lessen or eliminate withdrawal symptoms?

While it’s obvious that the addiction itself may be harmful to the body, why does it feel so good to smoke, but is it so hard to quit? The answer is found in basic nutrition.

The body has certain vitamin and mineral requirements satisfied through diet, supplementation and the like. But even with top-flight nutritional habits, addictive, poisonous substances tend to negate all nutrition. In fact, it can outright cancel it out.

So the effects of smoking are just as bad physically as quitting, in fact worse. It’s just that the pleasure from smoking masks the detrimental, nutritional deficiencies created.

Do you have to have pain to quit?

Short answer? No, but only if you understand what happens in the body during withdrawal.

Nutrients literally get burned up, especially when you are stressed out. Being excessively worried or intensely thinking burns up vitamin B1. This compounds the issue and makes life more difficult.

Fatigue, exhaustion, tension and pain all seem to occur as well. Depletion of minerals can explain this rather easily, particularly when it comes to calcium and magnesium levels. In fact, magnesium is quite literally the mineral that helps muscles relax. You can imagine what it’s absence can cause.

And, if you have ever experienced withdrawal from any chemical or toxin, you understand this first-hand.

Quit withdrawing and start succeeding!

How do you quit smoking successfully and with minimal if any withdrawal? The hidden factor is nutrition. Getting your intake of proper nutrition is key, first and foremost. Supplementing is of paramount importance during withdrawal as your nutritional needs may be far beyond the norm.

Calcium and magnesium are the top minerals which should be supplemented and could be considered the “stress minerals” in that their deficiency seems to create the most trouble. And, during times of withdrawal, not only are they found lacking, your requirements may be higher than usual and not obtainable from food alone.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the body’s natural, very specific process of absorption and utilization of these vital minerals. Laboratory-formulated to absorb quickly, often relief from deficiency can be quite instant.

If you or a loved one is trying to quit smoking, try Instant CalMag-C. It may leave you wondering why quitting ever had to be difficult at all!


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