How to Avoid the Afternoon Crash

Well beyond lunch, yet so far away from the end of the day, is that mid- afternoon crash inevitable?


Just when your day seems “over the hump”, when lunch is over and 5 o’clock is in your sights, a tired, exhausted feelings comes over you and you need a nap. Evidenced by a nearly $50 million in energy drink sales annually, quite a few people know this phenomenon all too well. Is it possible, however, to avoid the crash without having to resort to coffee or energy drinks? Understanding the slump is key.

Why do you slump in the afternoon?

There are many reasons for afternoon slump. Identifying which one causes yours is key in avoiding or defeating it. Lack of quality sleep, inadequate exercise and poor diet are three major factors. Addressing these, instead of the crash itself, a higher likelihood of better energy when it counts becomes possible.

A “carby” start gives a “slumpy” finish.

Having caffeine or sugary foods are huge culprits of the crash, especially when carbs are eaten for breakfast. Though carbs provide energy, taken alone they are a short-term solution. A proper combination of protein, fat and appropriate carbs are important to sustaining energy throughout the day. Breakfast truly is most important in this regard.

Exercise: feeling the burn vs. afternoon crash and burn.

Many may find exercise exhausting, yet research shows it to fight fatigue and provide energy. Done properly, in combination with a proper diet, exercise can be an energy generator. Fatigue and tiredness in the afternoon is often caused by starting an exercise regimen where there has been none.

Restless sleep causes unrest in the afternoon.

Sleep has many important uses and its lack in quantity, or especially quality, can have detrimental effects. The rejuvenation of the body is key to having maximum energy, without which, a fast peak and resultant slump is in order. Here is yet another culprit of the afternoon crash. Sleep deprivation, whether depth or lengthy, needs to be handled to eliminate the afternoon tiredness.

Losing sleep over calcium and magnesium.

Insomnia studies have shown that calcium and magnesium are of great importance to the sleep process, especially as regards quality and depth of sleep. Lacking these two important minerals, and losing sleep over them, can cause energy problems the next day, especially in the mid-afternoon. Minerals like these play a major role and need to be supplemented where lacking for any decent quality of sleep to take place, to say nothing of other body functions important to energy production equally reliant on them.

Defeating the afternoon slump.

One thing is obvious about these afternoon energy killers: they can be handled by addressing their sources directly. Excellent diet with a breakfast, rich in protein, fat and appropriate carbs, getting sufficient exercise and doing everything possible to get rejuvenating sleep is a great battle plan to combat slumps and crashes throughout the day. Getting calcium and magnesium in proper form, ratio and combination is an excellent foundation to all of it being an influential factor on all of it.

Instant CalMag-C is a drinkable, fast-absorbing calcium and magnesium supplement build on this ratio, form and combination, laboratory-formulated to quickly go to work on the body systems and functions these minerals support, making it an excellent contributor to sustaining energy throughout the entire length of any given day which, less face it, is way more than five or so hours long.

Why spike, peak and slump, when you can rest, nourish and thrive all day long? Get your sleep, nutrition, exercise and supporting minerals for a slumpless existence with all the benefits that go along!

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