How Radiation Affects Your Bones

Radiation: You can feel it in your bones!

While there has been quite a buzz concerning the adverse effects of radiation on the human body, it is much less well known that it can be controlled and blocked from being absorbed if certain mineral combinations are present during exposure. Further, if such combinations are lacking, absorption of radiation is not only possible, it can even prevent these minerals from being utilized, wreaking havoc on the body – especially the bones and marrow!

Although radiation takes many forms, not all types are commonly found in your immediate environment and not all are handled the same way by the body. However, there is one particular form that merits investigation, a type of radiation common among today’s environmental epidemics.

What type of radiation causes such havoc? Called, “Strontium 90”, this form of radiation requires containment and control to be of use and can be deadly during human exposure. Do not despair though. Strontium-90 mimics certain minerals in the body. So what are these radiation-opposing minerals? Calcium and magnesium. Vital to so many body processes and especially the bones, these two minerals in proper supply and balance will provide more protection than you can even imagine. It is especially important for pregnant or lactating mothers and their off-spring.

What do calcium and magnesium have to do with absorption or rejection of radiation? It is quite a sinister and insidious process, actually. There are receptors (kind of like “gateways”) in the body that allow the calcium and magnesium access to keep certain body processes running smoothly. In a deficiency, however, these receptors are left wide open for something else that impersonates the calcium and magnesium, to enter. (Kind of like pretending to be your friend.) This radiation, the Strontium-90, can do just that, fooling the receptors into thinking they are processing calcium and magnesium and, henceforth, blocking these minerals from coming in to do their job of supporting vital bodily functions.

How can calcium and magnesium be blocked from being absorbed? It is clear that, in the deficiency of calcium and magnesium or in their imbalance, these minerals can be blocked from one of their domains within the body and be barred from any future chance of holding those positions. This means that, whatever these receptors control (such as bone density, growth, nerve flow, stress levels, bone marrow etc.) will be adversely affected and begin to cause a decay. Then disease may set in, especially the most common of diseases associated with radiation exposure.

Conversely, in the presence of sufficient calcium and magnesium levels in proper ratio, radiation (Strontium-90)

What can you do about radiation levels and your health? It is wisest to do your homework and look into different types of radiation and their behavior. You will really need to make up your own mind about how you perceive their effects on the body. Below this article are informative links you can use for further investigation. Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be best to take yet another measure to ensure your future health and fortify your body with the proper levels and ratio of calcium and magnesium?

Radiation is more common than you can imagine and the idea that it has nothing to do with you in your area seems to be getting less and less likely. There are many chemical properties and environmental factors within the body that need to be considered and addressed to attain the balance and levels you need of the calcium and magnesium minerals. CalMag-C has considered and utilized all these properties to formulate the best possible, fastest-absorbing, easily utilized form of these for maximum benefit. Its special formulation has set it ahead in that it has the exact ratio, dosage and even acidity (pH) for optimum absorption and performance.

Calcium Calcium is vitally important for building a strong immune system and this becomes even more vital when dealing with radiation. It’s important for everyone, including babies. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. It is needed for a lot of body functions. However, unless calcium has other factors accompanying it, it is basically useless and can just deposit where it doesn’t belong and cause problems.

What are the “mystery” factors that allow calcium to be effective? Magnesium: Calcium must be balanced with magnesium. Calcium and magnesium work together and must be correctly balanced. In order for your body to use calcium efficiently, it needs to be in a 2:1 ratio with magnesium.These two minerals are responsible for literally hundreds of chemical reactions in your body.

Correct pH:  Another vitally important factor is the pH. It is important that the pH is correct and that is done either with apple cider vinegar or vitamin C. Failing to have the correct pH can result in calcium depositing where it doesn’t belong. For most people, vitamin C is more palatable and simpler to use.

Why Instant CalMag-C Works: It has been formulated in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually use it. It is safe for small babies (great for teething, colicky and restless babies) in very small doses, like the tip of a teaspoon in the water bottle. As tolerance increases, you can increase it slowly.

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Links for more information Strontium in the table of elements – look at the left side of the table:

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Radiation is Cumulative. What this means is that is builds up in the body. There is a limit to the number of hours flying crews are allowed to fly due to exposure to radioactive particles.

This applies to anyone who does a lot of flying. We will cover more about symptoms etc in other articles. Being cumulative, it can cause all kinds of problems in the body. It is unseen, making it very insidious. But, there is a solution to getting rid of it. If you wish to have more information about this, please write to the editor at In the meanwhile, keep your calcium levels up and prevent the Strontium particles from accessing your calcium cells.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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