How Can Understanding Your Computer Make You Healthy?

What “Matter of Life or Death” do your body and computer have in common?


Widely unknown, yet vitally important, is a coincidence your body and computers share. For in absence of this one element, neither can function. Therefore, there is merit in its understanding. What is the factor? Electrical Flow – and it can be a “matter of life or death”.


Computer wires and the human nervous system – is there really any difference?


Here is an analogy. Have you any idea how or why your computer works? Like most, probably all you know is that you power it on and it just works, right? Then, sometimes it works slow, breaks down or, crashes. Did you ever notice that your body sort of works like that? Not knowing how it works, it just does when you “power it on” and, just like computers, bodies too can crash and cease to function.


How does a computer work? All you need to know is that it processes electricity by channeling it in different directions. Electrical impulses simply flow in patterns from the computer’s “brain” through various circuits resulting in various processes. Each process is just a different electrical flow pattern.


Your body is no different. While you don’t “plug in” your body, it generates its own electrical flow from nutritional elements, then sends communication using electrical impulses throughout the body from brain to organ, organ to brain, via the body’s “circuits” – the nerves. This results in bodily functions done, just like computer processes. Thus, with ideal nerve flow, the body works as well as a brand new computer. With impaired nerve flow, the body breaks down as does a computer with a virus. And no nerve flow? Well, much like a fried or crashed computer, the body may be ready for the scrap heap! You may have even felt that way yourself or known someone who has.


If nerves are so vital to keeping you alive, what keeps them working?


When calcium and magnesium are in sufficient supply, in absence of external obstructions, electricity flows between brain and body, all organs functioning – a working whole for the greater good of the body! So, proper levels and proportions of calcium and magnesium are key.


Computer geeks fix computer malfunctions, but what about bodily functions?


With the basics of nerve flow understood, you can become a sort of “computer geek” of your body and debug many of its problems and, more importantly, prevent breakdown.


Obstructions, such as Irritated or pinched nerves, can also block this flow, a condition


Chiropractors are trained to treat with great success. Regardless, a basic electrical flow must exist and that is created by a proper calcium/magnesium supply and proportion.


CalMag-C – why it works so well


CalMag-C is specially formulated in exact ratio to establish, when taken in sufficient quantity, the correct calcium and magnesium levels required for proper electrical nerve flow. The instant, fast-absorbing formulation, with added vitamin C to activate the power of these minerals, puts CalMag-C at the head of its class of supplemental nutrition. Debug your body’s “computer” to keep it working for YOU with the support of CalMag-C.

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