How Calcium and Magnesium Help Pregnancy


Most people know that calcium is vital for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth but this mineral becomes increasingly more important when pregnant, having to build bones, teeth and good health for two people!

While very important for building your baby’s bones and teeth, calcium is also vital for conducting nerve impulses and helps your baby’s (and yours) heart and muscles to function properly.

It also helps prevent eclampsia, which is a serious condition characterized by seizures or coma in a patient with other indications of pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure).

Hypertensive disorders rank high on the list of risks to pregnant women. They, and many other disorders, can be avoided by an intake of a correctly balanced calcium and magnesium formula.

It’s that simple! Handle the deficiency or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Besides these very important factors, calcium is a natural and very effective painkiller and who wouldn’t want to have less pain, especially during labor?

If you have an adequate calcium intake, along with the factors needed to absorb it, you have a natural painkiller to hand. Make sure your intake is sufficient throughout pregnancy, childbirth and nursing and you will have much less pain.

Some good food sources of calcium: dairy products, collards, spinach, broccoli, okra, chickpeas, lentils, sweet potatoes, tofu, sardines and many more.



Another vitally important mineral is magnesium. Deficiencies can cause extreme irritability, a rapid heartbeat, nervousness, tremors, convulsions, insomnia, insanity, extra sensitivity to noise.


Like calcium, magnesium is necessary in the prevention of pre-eclampsia. A magnesium deficiency could result in spasms in the placenta and umbilical cord. Magnesium will help prevent such spasms by making your muscles relax.

Magnesium intake is also important for the health of your child as it helps him/her to build strong bones and teeth and regulates insulin and blood-sugar levels. Certain enzymes also need magnesium to function. Magnesium helps to control cholesterol and irregular heartbeats.

Calcium and Magnesium Work Together

A good balance (1:2 ratio) of magnesium and calcium is important because these two minerals are both needed with each other in the correct ratio. While magnesium relaxes the muscles, calcium stimulates the muscles to contract.

This rhythmic coordination keeps the mother’s body in check until the baby is ready to be born. Proper levels of magnesium during pregnancy will help prohibit premature uterine contractions. Decreasing levels before time may start premature labor.

Also, in order for calcium and magnesium to be utilized by your body, they  need to be have the correct pH balance. Because calcium and magnesium are alkaline, they can’t be absorbed by your body unless they are in some sort of acid base and vitamin C works well for that.

That’s why we made Instant CalMag-C the way we did.

It’s made of two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to create the correct pH balance.

My babies

After my babies were born, I put them onto calmag the minute I got home from the hospital with them. Not only did it help me have calm, contented babies but when they started teething, no-one knew they were unless you had the gall to stick your finger into their mouths and have it bitten – by teeth. It was a complete non-event.

My babies slept when they were supposed to and were awake and calm when they were supposed to be.

I thought this was normal till I saw how much a lot of other mothers were struggling and looked haggard and exhausted, many getting onto all kinds of meds (and anti-depressants) to “handle” the stress (or lack of sleep which leads  to depression) which, of course, they never do. I have yet to meet someone deficient in meds (aka drugs)!

The real problem is a deficiency or deficiencies  – in nutrients – and if you resolve those, everyone can have a calm, peaceful and enjoyable time of being a new parent or sibling and enjoy the pleasure of the latest addition to the family.

Everyone wins when baby and mom are calm and contented. What more could you ask for? No drugs in our household – ever – for anything. Good food and good supplements were all we ever used in our household and we never had a single doctor’s bill.

Vitamin D is also essential for the proper absorption of calcium and your best source is the sun so don’t go plastering yourself with sun block because you’ll get deficient in this vital nutrient. If it’s winter and there is no sun, your best bet for an oral intake of vitamin D is through natural fish oils that have not been altered in a laboratory.

If you want to know more about this, please e-mail me as I have a great Cod Liver Oil that I have personally been using for many years. I take it in a small amount of juice so I don’t have to taste the oil. It’s great for the hormones too!

This is a great source of vitamins A & D for your baby too. In fact, it’s the best because they get the right fats they need to develop good nerves and strong endocrine and immune systems.

Remember, their taste buds are developed by what you give them. Give them good stuff and they’ll tolerate it well, including the taste.  If you start them off with the right stuff, they will grow strong and healthy and they’ll have a happy mom too.

Here is a success from a mom who uses our Instant CalMag-C.

Baby Slept Like a Log!

Your newsletter is great – good stories of good results. I have a story of Instant CalMag-C. My friend’s 3- month old baby did not sleep well; she had jerks in her little body when she was lying in her perambulator and she was extremely sensitive to sounds around her. I got my friend some Instant CalMag-C which she took every day and when she breastfed the baby, the calmag was given to the little one. Result: baby slept like a log.”

ED, Florida

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