Help Your Kids Strengthen Their Nerves and Immune Systems!

There are really only three reasons why kids act crazy. They’re either hungry and/or they’re tired or have deficiencies in the nutrients required by their bodies to function properly, which still comes back to hunger – or malnutrition – which really leaves us with two reasons.

Excesses of certain “foods” like sugar, refined carbohydrates, drugs, which deplete all nutrients and cause malnutrition, can create symptoms of insanity in anyone. So, if your kid – or anyone else for that matter – is acting crazy, they could just be malnourished.

The adrenals are the stress glands of your body and need proper nourishment for you to have “good nerves”. They take a beating if your body isn’t nourished properly and can cause cravings for sugar to spike – coffee, colas, candies, chips, etc, etc. After the consumption of that sugar, your kid’s blood sugar spikes, and they get more wound up for “action” – or should I say hyperaction.

Not only hyperaction, but a compromised immune system, which opens the door for them to get ill or worsen existing conditions like asthma, autism, diabetes, and also opens the door for them to get colds and flu more easily.

As the blood sugar begins to drop again (because adrenals sensing danger start pumping adrenaline like crazy to lower the insulin, which has skyrocketed from the candy), the chances of injury and being given a beating escalate because now they’re becoming VERY troublesome. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling as almost anyone can tell you.

Now’s the time to feed them real food – protein, vegetables, good fats , minerals (including calcium and magnesium) – and let them rest. You can also give them a dose of B complex. By the way, deficiencies in the B vitamins can cause sugar cravings.

All that frantic behaviour you’re observing is chewing away at their adrenals as the exhaustion and stress increases, along with proneness to colds and flu. It may look like they’re candidates for a straight jacket but the simplicity is that they actually just tired and hungry.

Of course, trying to change the pattern is not going to be popular or very easy because they will “rebel”. After all, they’re already on the conveyor belt and running around out of control and now you dare to exercise some control and stop all that frantic “playing” to get them fed and rested.

If you push through their reaction (feed your own nerves with the same things you’re giving them) and just keep putting in the order, things will change for the better. Just keep putting in the order and soon you will have much calmer and peaceful kids. Kids with their adrenals more intact. Yours too!

You may know that wired feeling. That’syour adrenals.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are vital for every single cell in your body to function properly. That’s why deficiencies in these minerals can create many different problems in our bodies.

Things like hyperactivity, bad behaviour, body tension, fatigue, bad disposition, fuzzy thinking or inability to concentrate, disagreeableness, inability to relax, insomnia, lack of energy, muscle spasms, pain, colds, flu, as well as many others.

And, growing kids needs lots of calcium to grow strong bones, teeth and nerves and they need the magnesium to help the calcium do its job and calm the nerves. Calmag can be called a “coating for the nerves” and an important part of creating a strong and efficient immune system that can fight off any invader.

Quick! Give your child Instant CalMag-C and see them calm down, with calmer nerves and stronger immune defenses.


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