Health Insurance (and Even Car Insurance) You Won’t Ever Have to Pay For…

And what it costs you if you don’t have it or pay for very costly insurance and warranties!

Car repairs and medical care…

It doesn’t matter which.

Both cost you dearly in the long run, or at least that’s what happens most commonly. But just because they can, and commonly do, is no reason to think that this is the way it is and no other way.

In fact, it isn’t supposed to be that way with neither your ride NOR your body! Both shouldn’t breakdown, but only in the presence of certain knowledge and observations.

Yes, both have mechanical issues from time-to-time, but there is insurance that can prevent such from happening. And it doesn’t cost a high premium to get. In fact, the premium itself is zero dollars a year, and only costs you the expenses of operation.

For if you operate with just this one, often overlooked piece of knowledge, one very particular detail everyone tends to miss, you secure your overall wellness and your future and extend the life of your car too!

Okay so, yes, your car can survive longer and better, but so can you if you know this…

The car may just be analogy but it is an excellent one, and it can even, itself “live longer” if you apply the principle most people neglect.

The insurance, or warranty rather, on any vehicle, really only makes sure you have less expense should the vehicle fall into disrepair. But such assurance of no cost to repair costs quite a bit to carry and implies repairs will still be needed.

And, one thing is for sure.. something ALWAYS seems to go wrong with it!

Health insurance is similar. It costs dearly to carry and things DO tend to go wrong with the body. In fact, illness and disease seem to run rampant, provable by many rising statistics on various maladies which are ever so popular these days.

But there is one word that is the ultimate insurance policy: prevention! And prevention does need an excess policy. Either way you have the expense of caring for and maintaining your body, but additional “premiums” are what cost so much.

This is only in the absence of knowledge.

About what?…

You have to pay for expensive insurance and repairs and care if you don’t know this…

Prevention is a word which escapes the many, only because “insurance” has replaced it. Insurance however does not hold true to its definition.

If you think about it, health “insurance” (or even your car warranty) doesn’t prevent the worst form occurring. It prevents the cost from becoming burdensome WHEN it does happen.

Your car transmission breaks. The car is inoperable. You can’t use it and MUST get a mechanic. This is costly.

With “insurance” (or in this case warranty) the cost is evaded but the effects of the car’s “illness” are still felt and experienced, even for a short time. You are inconvenienced at the very least and can not get done what a car allows you to get done.

Plus, does the car operate as efficiently from there forward? It’s kind of like having had a broken bone. You never seem to have the same strength and agility afterward.

Your body is somewhat the same, but the “inconvenience” cost is way more dear than just an inability to get around for a day or two.

Now, car coverage often comes with a loaner or rental for the inconvenience, but your body, unfortunately doesn’t. You can’t borrow rent or even buy another body while this one is in the shop.

But you can do this one thing…

What is the one thing you can do to keep from expensive health care or insurance premiums?

Although this applies to cars, your interest in your own future actually more applies to the human body you possess and operate, each day, to achieve your goals in life.

And, how well you do or likely you are to achieve those things is dictated by this one thing.

Maintaining the body is much like maintaining a car.

But this requires some basic knowledge on both the car and the body.

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What is the one thing you need to know to “insure” not only to have low or no cost of premiums, but to ensure no “repairs” are needed?

First, recognize, there is no fool-proof and iron clad, 100% way to assure no mishaps. Monitoring bodies or even cars can come with some complications. But most of the common and basic issues people face in both subjects could easily have been prevented.

How? Well, it’s not having a crystal ball to predict the things that are destined to go wrong. It’s more of knowledge of what creates such destiny in the first place.

For all automotive and human body malfunctions start with a predisposition.

Such predispositions are unrecognizable not because they are hidden, however. In fact, all of them are pretty much in plain site and can be easily detected.

For lack of a knowledge of function, however, it is impossible to spot malfunction.

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How would you know you had a carbureator problem in a car if you don’t understand how and why fuel gets injected into the engine, where it goes and how the overall operation of the motor works?

Knowing how an engine is designed, constructed, assembled and how it operated does tell quite a bit about whether it is working properly, whether it is broken or even if it is predisposed to a problem.

If you are leaking oil, knowing why the car needs oil and how it uses it, you can foresee future problems and eliminate them before they happen. But even better, and to save on cost, you can understand how to maintain the vehicle such that the leak never develops in the first place.

The human body also has basic structure and function and, similarly, the “mechanic” (doctor) is only needed when there is an absence of knowledge on the part of its “driver” (you) about how it should function and, therefore, how to maintain it.

This is the ultimate in prevention.

Your healthcare premiums and warranties (theoretically) should cost you nothing if you can grasp these few concepts.

Monitoring the body’s basic structure and function (posture and its relation to helping or hindering overall function) can do just that.

Here is what Chiropractors actually do. Your posture tells the story of if your body is in its proper position, by natural design, for its functions to happen. When this basic positioning alters, so does your function. And so you suffer.

In come the expenses, but who cares at that point. Our wellness and future are what are most important.

If you look at your car, you will find it a similar proposition. You need your car to help you do what you do more than you need just a “working car” as the best operating machines on earth are nothing if they aren’t serving some purpose for somebody.

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A high-performance machine is only valuable if it performs. Cut cost on health care if you do this…

Here is how to help cut your “cost” and get you to take control of your future and wellness. While no one can guarantee perfect health, you can increase your odds and chances and create a better future.

While structurally, you can care for your body many various ways to keep its basic form, what you put in it is what propels it toward its goals.

Two of the most important things you can provide it are Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals work together comprising the fuel behind over 300 body processes each. Therefore their deficiency can create at least an equal amount of health issues, ones which are unnecessary.

Getting these minerals is not always easy. For one, it is tough to get them through diet alone, especially with soil depletion and processing of foods.

Secondly, they can deplete easily by toxins within the body which “burn them up”. No matter how they deplete, however, you get moderate to severe symptoms and conditions.

Fortunately, Instant CalMag-C Supplement beverage mix is formulated to work with the body’s natural design as to how it absorbs and utilizes these minerals. This fast-acting, drinkable supplement gets absorbed quickly and utilized immediately in hundreds of body functions.

Considering all the alternatives from deficiency, this is one of the best insurance policies you can secure to keep the body functioning as it should.

Miraculous things can happen when you replace these missing minerals and refuel the processes they propel. Health and wellness depend upon this as their “primary insurance”.

Ensure you have enough calcium and magnesium in your diet. Drink Instant CalMag-C!

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