Headaches – The Source and The Solution

The Usual Solution for Headaches

Headaches can be caused by any number of things. Taking pills is the most common solution most people use – over-the-counter headache pills. If chronic, many people get tests like MRI’s done, but it is rare that any abnormalities are found and they usually just continue taking their pain-killers. The usual solution is to suppress the symptom. That’s what medication does. It doesn’t get to the underlying problem and correct it. It is like putting a plaster on a cut.

The Solution to the Problem BECOMES the Problem

Taking pills for headaches only covers the symptom for a while and then it usually returns, with more vengeance in many cases. That is because the pain-killers themselves start to CAUSE the headaches because they are essentially drugs. As the body can’t get rid of the leftover bits of drug (chemicals), the excess gets stored in the fatty tissue of your body. This is part of your body’s protective mechanism. However, when you’re tired or stressed or exercising, these leftover particles get released from the fatty tissue and spill back into your bloodstream. That sparks off another headache. This becomes a bit of a vicious circle and often the time between headaches shortens with headaches lasting increasingly longer than before.

Solving the headache problem means getting to the bottom of what’s causing it and there are some simple things you can do to determine this.

Sources of Headaches

Some common culprits that contribute to headaches include constipation, an overloaded liver, low blood sugar, stress, spinal misalignment, eye strain, dehydration and, of course, hangovers, etc, etc. Let’s discuss solutions to some of these causes.

Headache when you wake up first thing in the morning?

If this fits you, the most likely cause is low blood sugar. A simple test over a couple of weeks would be to have a light protein snack (or protein shake without added sugar) just before retiring for the night. That’s easy enough to test on your own. Avoid coffee, sugar (candy, etc.) and refined carbohydrates after dinner. Sugar, coffee, refined carbohydrates (junk food) spike your blood sugar for a short spell and then crashes it, making you think about and want more sugar or refined carbohydrates, drink more coffee. This can eventually lead to exhaustion and adrenal collapse.

If you can’t withstand the desire, at least have a light protein snack before going to bed, along with a glass of CalMag-C and B complex. In fact, it would be best to have them BEFORE you have the sugar, coffee or refined carbohydrates (junk stuff) because you might find you won’t feel like having them after all.

Stress – Too many problems and worried?

If this describes you in any way, the solution is to take adequate B complex and a glass of Instant CalMag-C a couple of times during the day for several weeks. You also definitely need to ensure that you eat properly – not junk stuff or sugared stuff.


Starting the day with a good breakfast like eggs or other good protein source is vital.

Your body starts to use energy the minute you get up and if you haven’t given it any real food with which to produce energy, it’ll start eating away at your organs and other body parts. Eating a proper breakfast will also make you feel a lot calmer. Take a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and a glass of Instant CalMag-C. Then monitor how you feel.


Lunch should include some salad or not overcooked vegetables and a decent sized piece of protein – like chicken or fish or, if you’re a vegetarian, the appropriate one for you. Dinner can be similar. Take extra B complex and another glass of Instant CalMag-C with each meal and see how much calmer you feel. You can’t overdose on them as they’re water-soluble and you lose them whenever you potty or sweat, which is why you need to keep topping up on them.


If you’ve been having headaches a few times a week, you’d be able to tell the difference in two to three weeks. Another piece of advice is DON’T watch or read the news for a couple of weeks, especially before bedtime. Try and do something that relaxes you.

The biggest price is discipline.


Dehydration can cause any of the following symptoms: headaches, tiredness, lethargy, nausea, queasiness, mood shifts, low moods or depression, and others. Believe it or not, you can get dehydrated in winter or summer. Many people get dehydrated in winter. Have you ever noticed how your house plants wilt after a couple of days of no watering, even in winter? Or, that you have to top up the fish tank – if you have fish – every couple of days as the water level drops?

That’s because the water has evaporated. Energy is depleted.

Air-conditioning – Culprit?

If you are in an air-conditioned environment, dehydration is a big factor because you usually don’t notice that the the moisture is being pulled out of your body.

After all, an air-conditioner’s job is to get the humidity out the air and does so by sucking it up but then, the human body being the biggest moisture-carrying object is the first to lose it’s moisture so dehydration is prevalent in places where air-conditioners are used – like airplanes and airports.

If you ever feel wilted, you’ve gone way too far, like the plants that droop lifelessly over the edge of the bowl. Drink more water, not colas or coffee and add electrolytes or sea salt (see more info below) – not Gatorade. That’s loaded with sugar and is a culprit contributing towards dehydration.

They will dehydrate you even more. In addition, a lot is lost when pottying or sweating.

How to Handle

Here’s what you can do. Take potassium and/or salt – the unrefined sea salt is perfect because it’s loaded with minerals. Believe it or not, salt is vitally important to a well-balanced body and I’m not referring to the junk you buy in the grocery store that we call salt. That is NOT real salt, only sodium chloride. Get data about dehydration symptoms here: Dehydration Symptoms

Foods that are high in potassium include bananas, oranges, apricots, avocado, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, bell pepper, eggplant, squash, Crimini mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, turmeric, parsley, spinach, broccoli, tuna, halibut to name some. Eat plenty of them.

In addition, drink a glass of Instant CalMag-C, which will supply your body with a useable source of calcium and magnesium.

Medical Advice

If you have been experiencing chronic headaches and these solutions do not resolve them easily,  see a reliable doctor who can help determine the underlying cause. Just make sure he is nutrition-oriented – not pill-driven – and that he is really interested in your well-being. I may be able to help you find a natural health practitioner.

Please note: if your medical practitioner has warned you against taking any of the products recommended here, please check with him or her before embarking on any testing. Also, make sure he/she is not pill-driven.

For more information, feel free to write us info@calmag-c.com any time.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article or e-mail is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This information is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor. It is solely for educational purposes.

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