Have Your Cake AND Eat It

The holiday season is the time when widespread, self-inflicted assault on our general health and digestive systems is most likely to take place. Some of us will have somewhat more alcohol than usual while some of us, who don’t normally have it, might have some during this time.


Meal patterns are likely to be upset and foods to which we are not accustomed, consumed. Too much of the “good” stuff depletes our nutrients and that’s why we end up feeling down, grumpy, achy, unable to sleep or, in fact, become solid lumps that can’t keep the eyes open and, in the case of the young ones, hyperactive and quarrelsome. Hmmm, did I say young ones? Some of us older folk too. It’s enough to make everyone unhappy and feel worse.


Topping up with a good mutli-vitamin with well-balanced B’s, minerals plus calcium and magnesium will go a long way to increasing the fun. The reason they are helpful is that all the sugars (this includes alcohol and refined white flours and pastas which convert to sugar in the body) burn up the B vitamins, other vitamins, minerals plus calcium and magnesium. That’s why people feel and act badly. Replenish these things and see the difference.


We want you to enjoy the holidays.


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