Has Easier Stress Relaxation Really Been Found?

It is kind of an open-ended question. And its answer varies from person to person.

Why would that be?

The answer actually can be “yes” for any given person. It only depends on whether YOU have found it or not.

This is not to be cute or funny. It is quite a literal statement of fact. It can only be found individually. No “blanket-find” is actually possible.

So, this is not to suggest that you go to anyone else to “search” for it. The answers come from within.

It simply means that the handling of the stress and relaxation factors relies upon your locating the source of the stress itself, not finding methods of relaxation as a result of it.

Each “source” of stress is distinctly different for everyone.

Don’t worry. There are similarities from person to person as well…

While people indeed have vastly different histories and experiences, as well as conditions to go along with them, there are a few things that are common to all.

Basic structure of the body, for instance, and how it is supposed to function are both part of an overall blueprint which nature follows. It’s reactions to the environment are equally common from person to person.

But beyond these common features, little else is.

Designed to tackle a stressful environment, how well the body does this depends upon several variables which have infinite combinations.

In other words, your combination of how you have treaded your body, trauma or damage which has been done to it, etc, is different from other people.

This explains why some people handle stress better or are able to relax easier than others.

But do such people know a secret “method” of relaxation that you don’t?

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What’s the secret to relax and lower stress some people seem to know that you don’t?

The better question would be why people are “luckier” than others. This is not to imply that no one knows this “open secret” of sorts. Many people inherently “know” some of these things.

But it isn’t luck either. The body functions based on a communications system, first and foremost. Every body does with no exception.

Using nerve energy, glands, hormones and a few other “tricks” the human body has up its sleeve, it basically can get the job done to function.

Whether that means utilizing nutrients or warding off stress, it is designed to be relaxed and rise to the occasion when needed.

It is also designed to “come back down” from such an occasion and relax once again.

Are you starting to get the concept of what we’re talking about here?

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All the power to relax lies within you!

Having a functioning nervous system, a well-working endocrine system and proper nutrition to keep these operating, you have what you need to keep calm, cool and relaxed.

But if this is true, why would you experience any problems whatsoever?

What also lies within you is a personal timeline. You have a track of physical experience you “carry” around with you at all times.

It has little to do with your memory of it. But your memory of certain parts of it can help you achieve the relaxation you seek and relief from much of the stress you carry around with you.

If you were to create a timeline of experience and plot on it all the deficiencies you have created, traumas your body has experienced, illnesses and conditions you have suffered from, you would begin to see why you would be more susceptible to the stresses in the environment.

And you might see why others would not.

The ultimate vulnerability, this is what “immunity” itself is all about. It is a sliding scale which slides DOWNWARD with the negative experiences the body faces. This sets it up for future “disasters” which result in internalized stress.

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One of the most popular “deficiencies” going can be one of the greatest remedies.

Though this is not a medical claim, and while real medical issues require medical attention consider this:

One of the most common deficiencies is that of calcium. And, while we’re at it, we might as well mention magnesium too. These two minerals need each other to operate.

Together they are responsible for, literally, HUNDREDS of body processes and are involved, directly or indirectly, in every function of the body.

Putting this to the test in the laboratory of logic, it becomes clear that if the body is deficient in these, hundreds of things could go wrong. Hundreds of conditions could manifest.

Therefore, when deficient, their supplementation can likely reverse many of these adverse reactions. That’s just simple logic.

And that’s all the power they have.

So if the problem lies within you, and if it starts with deficiency of calcium and magnesium, then the solution lies within your replenishing these minerals.

Instant CalMag-C calcium and magnesium supplement beverage is formulated to be absorbed instantly by the body and utilized immediately.

When the body has been deficient in these minerals, and where this has caused a variety of malfunctions, drinking this supplement beverage can restore the relaxation that rightfully belonged there in the first place!

Try Instant CalMag-C today. It may be the difference between stress and relaxation and exactly what you were looking for!

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