Getting Enough Sleep Not Always Easy

If it is so important, why are we not getting enough sleep?

Nearly everyone knows the value of getting enough sleep, yet so many suffer from lack of it. It is a classic paradox. You know you need it. You knowingly deprive yourself of it. Sometimes, however, it isn’t you. Often it comes from external sources. Here are a few sleep roadblocks which can help clarify sleep deprivation and reveal ways to handle it.

Pain may inhibit getting enough sleep

No one wants to experience pain. When we do however, it can be quite the distraction. Because of this it can interfere with sleep. Getting to sleep is difficult when constant pain is nagging away at you. Try as you may, tensing up to resist the pain, the body cannot relax. Hence you stay awake much longer than you had intended. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious cycle as exhaustion may set in as a result of all that tension. This compound problem only worsens sleep over time. It would seem that getting enough sleep would depend upon being relatively pain free.


Stress comes in many forms. Environmentally speaking, stress can be physical, chemical or even emotional. All these forms influence the body one way or another by keeping it distracted from doing its basic functions, especially when it comes to getting better sleep. Making sure the body is in great physical shape, is toxin free and is influenced by a calm, relaxed state of mind is paramount in ensuring sleep.

Improper nutrition

What has food to do with sleep? It depends on how you define food, really. Healthy, whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals are what the body needs to function in a normal, calm, relaxed state. Processed “foods” and drinks contain many chemicals foreign to the body which the body actively rejects in many ways. Such protest by the body often manifests itself as an inability to sleep. Getting enough sleep, therefore, appears to depend upon proper and adequate nutrition. Meeting the body’s critical vitamin and mineral requirements seems likely to result in getting enough sleep.

Speaking of minerals…

That’s right. Here are the two major mineral players once again: calcium and magnesium. These tandem minerals work together to affect muscle relaxation along with a host of other body processes which regulate various functions, especially including the sleep cycle. From blood sugar to blood pressure and all in between, these minerals are involved directly or indirectly. Without them, function is not possible – neither is sleep for that matter.

Getting enough sleep can be as easy as 1-2-3…

How do you get proper sleep? Ensure the body is in top shape and has ample nutritional supply, especially where regards calcium and magnesium. With ample supply, getting better sleep is a snap. Calcium, magnesium and better sleep could be said to be the 1-2-3 formula for all the benefits a good night’s sleep can offer.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement which properly combines calcium and magnesium in a precise ration and form to give the body exactly what it needs, instantly absorbing to be used immediately. That’s good news if getting enough sleep is a priority. Try it today and see what benefits you may reap from giving your body exactly what it needs.

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