Fix the Cause of Bad Health, don’t Keep Filling The Cracks, Fix Those Foundations!

I have been helping people with their health for more than 30 years. In all those years, the common denominator with almost everyone was that the symptoms they were experiencing – be it aches and pains, PMS, menopausal and andropausal (male menopause), hyperactivity in children or even adults, an inability to sleep, stress, headaches, to name a few – were caused either by deficiencies or excesses.

Excesses actually, in most cases, also boiled down to deficiencies as excesses of the wrong things like sugar, refined carbohydrates, medication, chemical exposure, toxins, drugs, alcohol or even imbalanced supplementation create deficiencies. So, when all is said and done, we are mostly dealing with deficiencies. 

However, the toxic overload caused by toxins from the environment, drugs, alcohol, meds, etc sometimes have to be removed using reliable detox methods, but the most harm is caused by the overload worsening and creating deficiencies, which can create serious consequences.

Your body needs certain basic things like vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water and air to be healthy. The old-time nutritionists like Adelle Davis, Royal Lee, Francis Pottenger and Weston Price provide good fundamental data without any of the modern hype.

The way Big Pharma deals with these things is to lead people to believe they’re deficient in drugs and surgeries or born with an excess of organs.

Chasing symptoms is like hunting for a needle in the haystack and all you’ll ever have is symptoms. The more you cover (numb them) them with drugs, the worse they’ll get.

Take a headache for example. The cause of a headache can be from any number of things.

Serious disease aside, dehydration can cause headaches, low blood sugar can cause them, a hangover can cause them, stress can cause them. If you don’t know what the cause of the headache is and just pop a headache pill, the reason you got the headache in the first place still exists because the pill merely numbs the area – and no-one is deficient in headache pills.

Of course, you don’t want to suffer but to keep numbing the problem is actually worsening it. If it’s a deficiency, the deficiency just continues and actually worsens as your body now has to cope with offloading or storing the excess toxic particles that it can’t deal with, which then actually CAUSE the return of the headache as those toxic particles spill back into your blood stream when you’re tired, stressed, exercising, etc. It’s better to get to the bottom of the problem and fix that.

The solution is to ensure that you are getting your basic vitamins, minerals, protein, fat and water in balance. The way to do this is to ensure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables – not overcooked – and fruit, along with good quality meats or fish, good oils and clean, good quality water, supplementing with the basic supplements your body needs and some daily exercise – walking, running, gyming, etc.

Once these basics are in place and have been for a couple of weeks, if you are still left with symptoms, then you can, with the right help, narrow down the cause.

If your basics are out, it is very difficult to determine what is going on and if deficiencies continue, they can lead to serious disease. Dis-ease merely means “lack of ease”. It can be very mild or it can be very serious and anywhere between.

Based on this, I always encourage people to get their basics in first and once they’re in, see if there are still symptoms which, in many cases, there won’t be. If there are still symptoms, however, then we work out what additional nutritional support is needed.

It’s simply a process of elimination.

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