Exercising and Muscle Cramps

After-exercise Aches and Pains

Anyone who exercises knows that muscles can “feel” the effects of having done so. Whether you’re fit or unfit, your muscles sure let you know that you’ve just exerted some energy. There are various reasons for this happening.

One of them is the residues from the burnt fuel. The burnt fuel is like the ashes left after you make a fire and your body has to dispose of them. If you feel sore, that means your body can’t get rid of them because it doesn’t have the right fuel to bring in the clean-up crew. This brings us to the second reason, which really leaves us with only one reason.

Why This Happens

Your body needs dozens of minerals to function. Minerals include, but are not limited to, calcium, magnesium, potassium, salt (not table salt, please). I’m referring to salt in the fullest sense of the word. Table salt usually only consists of chloride. It’s dangerous. Sea salt is what I’m referring to here.

Your nervous system is very dependent on getting enough minerals to carry out its functions, one of which is to control your muscles and to instruct the clean-up crew to do their job. In order to do this it needs minerals.

Minerals are like the spark plugs in your car. Before it can start, the fuel has to be ignited, which is what the spark plugs do, and then the engine can fire up and start so you can drive. Your car basically gets the “energy” to move.

Your body works in very much the same way. Before your body can do anything – creating the energy to digest food, sleep, walk, move, being alive – it has to be “started” and this is done with minerals. They are the “spark plugs” of your body.

If you have adequate minerals, your nervous system hits the “go” button and the “instructions” can be sent to all parts of your body to do what it’s supposed to do: send out the clean-up crew, produce energy, breathe, move, digest, swallow, etc, etc.

If you’re deficient in any of them, your nerves can’t “spark” so the communication system breaks down and you feel all kinds of symptoms – from just feeling low (even depressed) and lacking energy through to very severe pain and discomfort.

Minerals Lost

Minerals are lost through your bowels, urination and sweating under normal conditions but athletes sweat a lot more when exercising than when not exercising so there is an even bigger loss of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. That’s why many of them suffer from after-exercise soreness or pain.

Calcium and Magnesium

Two of the most important minerals are calcium and magnesium. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. (Your body even has its own set of glands to monitor and control your calcium levels.) One of calcium’s jobs is to contract your muscles.

In order for your body to be able to use calcium it needs to be in a certain balance with its partner, magnesium. Magnesium’s job is to relax your muscles, which makes it a very good partnership. Contract, relax, contract, relax. That’s how your muscles (and heart) work.

The solution is simple.

Taking a properly balanced calcium and magnesium formula with vitamin C (or apple cider vinegar) to adjust the pH so your body can absorb them will help you actually get the benefits.

A good calcium and magnesium product is recommended before workout as well as during and after. Even if you don’t take it before exercising and you get the soreness, take a double dose afterwards and you will feel your muscles “breathe a sigh of relief”. Anyone involved in physical work will have the same problems that an athlete has.


Why Instant CalMag-C?

Our Instant CalMag-C has been made in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C so it can absorb instantly into your body and you can feel the difference, literally in minutes. Enjoy your exercise with Instant CalMag-C and get rid of the unwanted outcome.

We have many successes from athletes who report noticeable benefits.

Exercise Successes

“Cures” Muscle Cramps

“CalMag-C is a product that I am very excited about and I use as an essential supplement for my training.  Patients of mine know that I do not endorse a product unless I am truly committed to it.  I feel so strongly about CalMag-C that I am compelled to dedicate an entire page on my site to share the volumes of research and benefits of this product!

“I use CalMag-C primarily as a mineral replacement, especially in summer months when I am losing high volumes of fluid while training.  It helps aid my recovery from long runs and essentially “cures” muscle cramping.  While using this supplement I discovered that my sleep patterns improved dramatically, I was waking up less during the night (which was always a problem for me after exceptionally hard training sessions) and my overall muscle soreness was reduced.  How could I not be excited to share this with my patients?

“What is it?  Quite simply, CalMag-C is a Calcium/Magnesium supplement with Vitamin C.  That’s it!  No medication, no narcotics, no pharmaceuticals AND NO SIDE EFFECTS!!  And CalMag-C is not just for athletes.” TL, chiropractor, Pennsylvania

No More Soreness, Better Sleep

“I recently started using Instant CalMag-C after exercising and I no longer experience that soreness associated with exercise. I also noticed more flexibility and greater range of motion in the joints as well as a more restful night’s sleep.”

DC, Chiropractor, Clearwater, FL.

Cramps, Energy, Sleep and Better Control

“Ever since I started to use the CalMag-C I don’t get cramps any longer and then I started with your vitamin formula. I am working nightshift and my colleagues can’t believe that I have so much energy. I sleep much better and my energy levels at night have increased.  My production at work is much better and I feel in control of my work and all the staff who are working under me. Thanks for such a FANTASTIC PRODUCT – I really appreciate your help and great service.”

OL Sunninghill

Cramps in Hands and Legs

“What a fantastic product! I started using the Instant CalMag-C two weeks ago and I am feeling much more flexible and energetic. I have no more cramps in my hands and legs! Where have you been all my life?”

MM Eastgate

Energy level, Sports

“I started taking Instant CalMag-C before my weekly squash game and my energy level (while playing) has risen markedly since taking it. My opponents are asking me where I’m getting the extra zip from and I’m not about to tell them my secret.

TA – Businessman, Auckland, NZ

Energy Renewed

You know, that Instant CalMag-C of yours is magic! I hadn’t been taking it for a while but then I was getting very tired on my walks so I took one dose this morning and easily walked a long distance, about three miles.” Mrs N, London, England (80+ years old)

Exercise, muscles, sleep, regulates heartbeat!

I use it for running, muscles, sleeping, and I find that it helps to regulate my heartbeat. I use it daily”

PW Florida

Stress, Exercise

“I ride my bike and with the Instant CalMag-C, I haven’t had any cramps again, even when I haven’t exercised for a while. I find that the products also help me in other areas. For example I don’t stress any more like I did before and I believe it’s because I’m getting what my body needs. I will continue to use the products because they work for me. Thank you for introducing the products to me.

VR, South Africa

Exercise, Muscles not Sore, Sleep better, Less Anxiety

“That white powder (calmag) really works! I can exercise much harder every day. It helps me sleep. I wake up and my muscles are not sore anymore. I feel like I can work much harder at gym and in my sport. My muscles are recovering much faster. I also don’t worry so much anymore.”  ….

Sean, South Africa

Sore Muscles & Joints

“Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints but taking Instant CalMag-C helps immensely. I religiously take it and it’s also important for muscle function. I very very seldom become ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to the stress they place on their bodies.”

J.H., Bruma

For more info, e-mail info@CalMag-c.com.

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