Even If You Hate Tennis, Can It Help You Understand Stress, Tension and Pain?

When that stress you carry is a constant ‘volley’ between tension and relief, who wins?

Wimbledon. Another parade of champions, it’s a testament to the wonders of which the human body is capable.

The game is a constant volley between players, favoring one, then the other, back and forth, until the final score determines the winner.

And, there are never two winners.

If you think about it, however, this is a marvelous illustration of our daily battle with stress.

Sometimes we’re winning, and other times stress changes the momentum and comes from behind to take the lead.

But when you consider why a body succumbs to stress, you start to understand what it takes to “win” against it. Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to win!

Before considering the strength of your ‘opponent’, consider your own!

We’ve all heard the trite if overused phrase “the best offense is a good defense” at one time or another. More than a clever meme or pep talk, there is some truth to it.

This isn’t to imply being strictly defensive, but to mount a good offense, you need to ensure a certain degree of “invulnerability” in your charge against the opposition.

Knowing your weaknesses will help you determine where your offense will fall short. Top tennis players know this instinctively and prepare by first understanding their own weaknesses, strengthening them, then understanding their opponent.

With stress, it is no different. If there is “weakness” or what we call “imbalance” in the body, it can reduce significantly the effectiveness of any campaign against incoming stress.

The result? An invasion of stress which you are then forced to hold or carry in your shoulders, neck, back or wherever else it tends to manifest itself.

So how do you “train” for the big match against stress?

How to defeat stress like a PRO!

Think about it, if Serena Williams’ opponent has a weak backhand, she will exploit it, take the lead and ultimately win. Any opponent would do the same. Winning is assured if you can play toward the point of least opposition.

The body is no different. It has its weaknesses against stress. Imbalances occur structurally, nutritionally and even emotionally. Whether it is a postural deformity, a mental state or a nutritional deficiency, stress takes the lead every time.

Mounting a good defense, in these cases, is the only way to win. Balancing the imbalances is the key to starting to take an offensive stance. Accomplished, no volley is necessary. It’s total domination at that point.

Does there have to be a constant ‘volley’ between tension and relief?

Consider an imbalance such as nutritional deficiency. A volley between tension and stress may continue, back and forth, as nutrition is used, depleted and replenished, with stress levels going up and down accordingly.

The result of such a “volley” is non-chronic pain or tension, that “comes and goes” and, though not severe, is mildly annoying “on occasion” or intermittently.

Should you always make sure nutritional requirements are met, less of a volley would take place.

But getting nutrition sometimes isn’t enough. Increased demand for energy in stressful or physically-challenging circumstances can increase requirements for vitamins and minerals.

In such a case it is paramount that one supplement in whatever way possible to meet the increasing demand of the environment.

When such a balance is constantly monitored and cared for, stress reduces and pain, tension and the like are all but non-existent.

2 top factors you need to know about stress relief and prevention…

Calcium and magnesium. These could be called the “stress minerals”

Magnesium alone is responsible for over 300 body functions, to say nothing of the myriad of responsibilities that calcium carries. It is plain to see that their depletion can create quite a weakness to be exploited by the stress opposition.

The demands the body meets vary from day-to-day and situation to situation, so a stet nutritional plan never covers all defenses. Increased physical demands call for more nutritional support.

Flexibility of preparation is key.

One of the top ways to meet the fluctuating demands of the body is to supplement calcium and magnesium. Instant CalMag-C is formulated to fulfill the demand in just the way the body needs it.

And, let’s face it, sometimes those requirements are immediate. For this reason, Instant CalMag-C is formulated to mix, drink and absorb instantly for immediate use by the body.

Want to reduce stress? Why play on the defensive? Play like the tennis pros do and keep your own “weaknesses” from being exploited by your opponent.

Prevention, done right, is a guaranteed win! Keep balance in the body by monitoring it’s daily-changing needs and supplement where necessary. Try Instant CalMag-C and see what it’s like to be a champion in your sphere!

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