Drug Withdrawal Made Easier


With this letter we would like to thank you and your amazing products for helping my boyfriend Marius come off drugs and pain pills. We hope that every addict out there and their families have the same success as us.


“My boyfriend, Marius, was heavily into drugs for quite a few years. He was clean for 10 months when I met him but last year, after being clean for two and a half years, he relapsed because of pressures that he placed on himself to be better and better at work, even though he’s working really hard already and doing a great job! He went to rehab for 28 days and things went really well with him….. or so I thought! He didn’t use those drugs since then, but I realized in February that he’s been drinking boxes and boxes of pain pills that he would buy at a different pharmacy everyday so no one realized. After seeing his bank statements, I was shattered! I was glad that he wasn’t using the other drugs, but he basically replaced them with pain pills.


“Marius’s previous therapist who helped him in rehab wanted him to see a psychiatrist but, after watching a DVD bought from Helping Hands about the Industry of Death (Psychiatry), I realized that all they are doing is – replacing their addictions with anti-depressants and drugging addicts anyway so they still don’t have to deal with their problems and face the world. So, instead I phoned you guys and Marius started using your products immediately.


“Marius has been taking the Drug Bomb and CalMag-C vitamins and, with Anya’s advice, started going to gym in the evenings as well. He is a completely different person and his mind set is very positive!


“He realized that he needs to deal with his problems like everyone else and can’t hide from them by drugs. He is very positive and knows now that every person has problems, some worse than others but, at the end of the day, you have to deal with them.


“The Drug Bomb and CalMag-C help not only Marius, but also his family and myself. I don’t have to go around his room and car snooping for something, and always wonder… It keeps my mind at ease. I don’t even know what to look for if someone is high as I have never used any substances myself.


“Being part of an addict’s life is very hard and people don’t realize that, especially not the addict. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to have just a little bit of relief and just a little bit of that wondering and worrying disappear.


“Because Marius was an addict of Acid, cat, crystal meth and heroin for many years, his immune system was very weak and he used to get sick every two weeks. Since he is on the vitamins and CalMag-C every day for many months, he’s doing much better. He hasn’t been sick in about two months AND its winter!!


“As I’ve said before, I hope that every person who is addicted to any substances and every friend or family member of an addict can hear about Helping Hands’ products, because that’s exactly what it is: a Helping Hand!


The biggest hurdle an addict faces when he has decided to quit taking drugs is the physical call his body makes to have the next fix.


Part of the action of almost every drug is to first stimulate the nerves and then ultimately deaden them, leaving an addict without sensation except that which he gets from the drug. But the gnawing at his nerves, the thing that calls him back into another hit has always seemed to be subdued only by the drug.


Most people do not realize that replacing the nutrients that are abundantly depleted by drugs can make withdrawals that much easier.


A special vitamin formula (called Drug Withdrawal Formula or Drug Bomb) replaces, in generous quantities, the nutrients that the drugs deplete. This gives the addict a hugely better chance of beating withdrawals. It gives him the chance to exercise his will to support his decision to quit with greatly reduced pressure from the body – thus thousands of otherwise hopeless addicts have been able to beat their drug.


Two of the worse, and almost uniformly experienced, symptoms faced during withdrawal are extreme edginess and cramping. Calcium and magnesium (calmag for short) is a really pinpointed solution to these symptoms.


Calcium prevents cramps, is a natural painkiller (even medically used) and is a major factor in mood stability. Magnesium coats the nerve endings – its deficiency is the major cause of edginess during withdrawal.


In the right combination, calmag has been widely tested for both absorption and effectiveness. The pH balance and the 2:1 elemental ratio of calcium to magnesium enables both absorption and the tightly co-dependent utilization of both calcium and magnesium.


This new method of beating withdrawal cuts out an idiocy that has been prevalent in conventional treatment, namely giving an addict drug B to get him off drug A and then calling him “cured” while now addicted to drug B.


Heroin “cured” by methadone is an example of this. Methadone has become one of the top 10 killer recreational drugs in the USA.


That’s how Instant CalMag-C came into being. It uses the above formula and is a highly effective aid to drug withdrawal – besides its many other uses.


To order CalMag-C, click here and to get more info about the Drug Withdrawal Formula, e-mail Info@CalMag-C.com.

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