Drug Withdrawal - Dead If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

People are addicted to drugs for many reasons, medical, street, alcohol, but when they try to give up, for many it can become a case of “dead if you do, dead if you don’t”. Giving up can be as much hell as being on them.

But, did you know that drug withdrawal can be made much easier than most people realize?

Using drugs of any sort depletes your body of so many nutrients that life can become very intolerable and this can make it almost impossible for a person to give up their drugs. It really is a case of “dead if you do, dead if you don’t”. 

Anyone who has ever tried – or even witnessed someone else trying – to give up smoking or something as mild as coffee has experienced how unpleasant the withdrawal symptoms can become. Coffee depletes  the B complex vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Actually, all your water soluble vitamins, as it’s a diuretic.

That’s why you get so nervy and jumpy when you consume too much of it or you get the withdrawal symptoms when you don’t get your “fix”.

Can you imagine how other drug withdrawals – including painkillers, alcohol, anti-depressants, heroin, LSD, cocaine to name some – can affect one if something as mild as coffee can affect you when you don’t get it?

Two of the worst and almost uniformly experienced symptoms faced during withdrawal are extreme edginess and cramping.

Many who try to give up drugs end up with the following scenario, which makes it even harder on their nutrient-deficient bodies.  Someone is addicted to drug A.  He is then given “wonder” drug B to get him off drug A and is then considered “cured” whilst now having a new addiction – drug B and sometimes even drug A and B.

Heroin “cured” by methadone is an example of this.  Methadone has become one of the top 10 killer recreational drugs in the USA and is much harder to withdraw from than heroin.

The “tripping” those using LSD experience is from the rapid burn-up of vitamin B3 (niacin or nicotinic acid).  Schizophrenia is caused by a severe deficiency of niacin (vitamin B3). Anyone who has ever experienced or observed someone with the DT’s (delirium tremens) – that’s caused by a rapid burn-up of vitamin B1. Yep, these drugs create insanity.

Our method of beating withdrawal cuts out the above idiocy which has been prevalent in so many treatments. The Drug Bomb (Drug Withdrawal Formula) plus Instant CalMag-C (calcium and magnesium), along with good sensible nutrition, can help anyone win the withdrawal game.

The Drug Bomb (a very specific vitamin combination) replaces, in generous quantities, the nutrients that are depleted by drugs.  This gives one a much better chance of beating withdrawals.  It supports the decision to quit by greatly reducing the pressure from the body and the mind – thus helping thousands to beat their drug use.

The Instant CalMag-C is a really pinpointed solution to these symptoms.  Calcium prevents cramps, is a natural painkiller (calcium gluconate is even used medically as an injected painkiller) and is a major factor in mood stability.  Magnesium coats the nerve endings – its deficiency is the major cause of edginess during withdrawal.

For those who really just cannot get through withdrawal or who want to permanently eliminate the toxins their bodies have become riddled with due to the overload, there is another solution. Please contact me for more information about this so I can refer you to a drug rehabilitation program that has an 80% success rate and rids the body of the toxic build-up.

Instant Calmag C has been widely tested for both absorption and effectiveness.  The pH balance and the 2:1 elemental ratio of calcium to magnesium enables both absorption and the tightly co-dependent utilization of both calcium and magnesium.


“With this letter we would like to thank you and your amazing products for helping my boyfriend Marius come off drugs and pain pills. We hope that every addict out there and their families have the same success as us.

My boyfriend, Marius, was heavily into drugs for quite a few years. He was clean for 10 months when I met him but last year, after being clean for two and a half years, he relapsed because of pressures that he placed on himself to be better and better than what he is at work, even though he’s working really hard already and doing a great job! He went to rehab for 28 days and things went really well with him….. or so I thought!

He didn’t use again since then, but I realized in February that he’s been drinking boxes and boxes of pain pills that he would buy at a different pharmacy everyday so no one realizes. After seeing his bank statements, I was shattered! I was glad that he didn’t use drugs, but he basically replaced them with pain pills.

Marius’s previous therapist that helped him in rehab wanted him to see a Psychiatrist but after watching a DVD bought from Helping Hands about the Industry of Death (Pshyciatry), I realized that all they are doing is -replacing their addictions with anti-depressants and drugging addicts anyway so they still don’t have to deal with their problems and face the world.

So, instead, I phoned Anya and Marius started using their products immediately.

Marius has been taking the Drug Bomb (Drug Withdrawal Formula) and Instant CalMag-C and, with Anya’s advice, started going to gym in the evenings as well. He is a completely different person and his mind set is very positive! He realized that he needs to deal with his problems like everyone else and can’t hide from it by using. He is very positive and knows now that every person has problems, some worse than other, but at the end of the day you have to deal with it.

The Drug Bomb helps not only Marius, but also his family and me.

Because Marius was an addict of acid, cat, crystal meth and heroin for many years, his immune system was very weak and he used to get sick every two weeks. He has been taking the daily formula and Instant CalMag-C  every day for the past several months and he’s doing much better. He hasn’t been sick in about two months, and it is winter!!

As I’ve said before, I hope that everyone addicted to any substances, and every friend or family member of an addict can hear about Helping Hands’ products, because that’s exactly what it is: a Helping Hand!”

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