Does Sitting At a Desk All Day Give You Shoulder and Neck Pain?

When carrying stress in your shoulders or neck seems to point back to your workstation…

Work can be stressful enough, but even in absence of external stress, sitting in front of a computer for eight or more hours can seem to take its toll physically. Shoulder and neck pain, back pain and even headaches tend to result from a job that keeps you in a seated position for long hours.

But, does sitting at a desk all day really cause pain, tension and physical stress? Just when it seems like your workstation is working you over, it turns out that something else is. And, though the

workstation plays a role, it is not the culprit.

The evidence is in the fact that even improving ergonomics and personal habits does not provide a permanent fix. Clearly, there are other factors at play. Understanding them is there key to making a change for the better.

If sitting at a desk doesn’t cause pain, what does?

Basic body function is a balance of forces. Optimum function involves structural integrity, energy flow, communication and fuel. These come in the form of posture and proper structural positioning and alignment, nerves which carry communication energy smoothly and sufficient and proper fuel to create and motivate that energy.

A properly balanced, functioning body doesn’t become the effect of physical stress. It is a breakdown in one of these factors that is a more likely the culprit. This simply causes a predisposition which external stress on the body can aggravate, then causing symptoms. It is more of a chain reaction.

What are the hidden imbalances that actually cause your pain?

Consider body “imbalances” an accumulation of effects of various environmental factors. Over the course of an entire lifetime, imbalances can accrue due to injury, overwork and lack of nutrition, to name just a few.

The majority of the people who sit at a desk all day, do not suffer from pain and tension. Those with pre-existing imbalances, however, have a different experience. Such imbalances do not often show up as pain. They do however manifest themselves in posture problems and even muscular issues. Mostly they seem quite normal and harmless. But they await external stress to set them off.

Where do imbalances reside?

A spine that is out of place, flattened foot arches and even displaced hips or joints can account for much of this.

Nutritionally, mineral imbalances and deficiencies can also rear their ugly head. In fact, minerals such as calcium and magnesium play a major role in the very contraction and relaxation of muscle function. These minerals comprising the basic fuel nerves use to conduct energy, yet support the basis for balance of structure and proper function.

Don’t stand for stress and pain…

Getting a standing desk or taking breaks every few minutes may be helpful, but are they a permanent fix? Based on the fact that imbalances in the body exist, it is unlikely to give a lasting or permanent result.

We all instinctively know that achieving balance in any area of life is key. Physically, it means taking care of the basic frame, but it starts with basic building blocks in ample supply.

The two paramount minerals are calcium and magnesium and are the basic ingredients to good, solid structure, including healthy, strong bones, good nerve energy and muscles that function properly and are relaxed.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated according to the body’s basic requirements for assimilation and supplements any deficiencies that may exist from diet. The precise formulation gives the body what it needs to achieve balance and function. which is exactly what you need to prevent stress from invading physically.

Your workstation doesn’t stand a chance against a body proofed up against stress.

Try Instant CalMag-C and see how much more comfortable work can be!


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