Does Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain Start With Your Bed?

Does a tired old mattress seem like a good culprit for the stress you carry in your shoulders and back?

How many times have we tossed and turned on an uncomfortable mattress, or at least one which has far outlived its expiration date?

And, how often have we blamed said mattress for the stress we carry in our necks, shoulders and back? But do non-chronic shoulder and back pain come from your mattress?

A look at basic cause reveals some hidden and interesting, controllable factors which, known, can be a game changer.

So as they say in “The Godfather”, lets “go to the mattresses” on the pain.

Millions sleep on bad mattresses but not ALL of them have pain or tension…

Just because something is super common does not make it normal. In fact, if your bed was the root cause of back pain, then everyone with an aging mattress would suffer.

Yet they don’t.

The reason is a simple one: to suffer from non-chronic pain, predisposal to it is key.

So what would be so sinister as to predispose you to be affected so easily by the very device designed to give you rest?

It’s so simple you won’t believe it!


The answer is not in the bed, but in the very thing you PUT to bed!

You body is a complex machine, one that has many systems, processes and functions, thousands of them which allow you to do the things you do. Form working at a desk to relaxing on the beach, every function is accounted for.

The reason it is able to do this is a delicate balance of function within. These functions happen in harmony and are a miraculous symphony of mechanics.

But what if this delicate balance is thrown off?

How can imbalance in the body make you PRONE to pain?

The bottom line? That stress you carry in your neck, shoulders or back didn’t just sneak in. It was invited. A proneness to stress is what allows it to happen.

The presiposal? Imbalances can be physical and/or chemical in nature. For instance, if you drank a little too much on Saturday night, Sunday may meet you with quite the hangover. The pain you feel is not natural. You were predisposed to it from a chemical imbalance.

The same goes for more physical matters. Having off-balance structure can predispose you to injury or even minor pain from things which do not cause pain inherently like sitting at a desk for long hours or, yes, SLEEPING!

Mineral imbalance is one of the most common “invitations” to unwanted stress and pain

As you may have guessed, the “Godfather” of minerals in the body, calcium and magnesium, when deficient, set up quite the imbalance.

Responsible for tandem contraction and relaxation of muscles, absent, can cause an imbalance of these functions.

The result? Non-Chronic aches, pains, tension and the like. So that stress you carry in your shoulders, neck or back may have been invited to the party without your even realizing it.

How to ‘go to the mattresses’ on your pain or tension…


If mineral deficiency is to blame, and given no real structural imbalances, balancing your calcium and magnesium is of paramount importance. And, though you may eat lots of foods rich in calcium and magnesium, you may yet be deficient. Foods tend to not have the nutrition they once had.

In supplementing them, however, the same delicate balance on which your body operates is required. The body has very specific conditions under which it will accept minerals and use them.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated on this highly-precise process and is designed to be absorbed and used instantly by the body.

It is “stress relief made instantly” and the results, when deficient in these vital minerals, can be just as immediate.

Try it today and see if you can change your game without having to rush out and change that mattress. It may be time for a new one, but it may be time for a boost in your minerals too!

Try it today and see!

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