Do Your Headaches Come From One of These 4 Causes?

Headaches are among the most common and popular pain symptoms, but are they normal, or triggered by one of these 4 causes?

Headaches are rampant, if insidious, in our fast-paced, high-stress world. But, rather than being labelled a “disorder” of sorts, are there any links to causes? Here are four main ones that just may answer up.

Withdrawing from something can cause headaches

While withdrawal from caffeine is an obvious one, other substances may not be as apparent. Aside from drugs or alcohol, even a dietary change from junk to healthy, whole foods can produce this sort of symptom. Burned or depleted vitamins and minerals can produce, resultantly, a wide variety of symptoms, of which headaches are among the most popular.

Stress and headaches

While you may have heard stress causes health problems, you may not have considered types of stress and their physical manifestations. Commonly called “tension” headaches, these are caused by stress, whether physical, chemical or emotional. Once again, such problems are compounded by a variety of factors such as insufficient sleep and nutrition, but are stress-related nevertheless.

Headaches from neck or back issues

The spine is very sensitive. Perhaps the most overlooked part of it would be the neck, which is a segment, a full third, of the overall spine. Nerves closely-positioned to the vertebrae of the neck, because of stress on the actual bones, can become irritated and produce problems throughout the head. Chiropractors commonly find such interference related to a variety of symptoms including headaches and migraines. Stress from life or accidents can create this situation.

Calcium deficiency?

Because of lowered calcium levels and a variety of gland and organ malfunctions, headaches can result. Calcium, magnesium and other body requirements assist regular body function, without which function is lessened and not only cause difficulty, but pain as well. Calcium, being itself a natural pain killer, in deficiency, can result in pain, especially headaches.

Study of four causes of headaches leads to solutions

Getting rid of headaches is not as simple as taking pain remedies. Understood at its source, pain can be resolved rather easily. Headaches are no more unique than any other type of pain, at least in that they are a symptom. While there are more causes than these four, many common headaches can be relieved via such solutions as diet, exercise, chiropractic care and other physical treatments and therapies.

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