Diabetic Nerve Pain May Trace to Mineral Deficiency

Diabetic nerve pain is a mystery. But is it solvable?

There are many theories about diabetic nerve pain. Suspected causes are numerous. The only offered solutions seem to be drugs to deaden the pain. But, the very words describing the condition may hold the key to preventing it. This can best be understood by breaking it down into 3 components: diabetes, nerves and pain.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Component #1: Diabetes.

When we speak of diabetes, we, basically, are talking about blood sugar and its regulation. There are a few factors involved in this process. It mainly is a breakdown in the process of removing sufficient amounts of sugar form the blood. This process depends upon magnesium. With sufficient levels of magnesium, in balance with other minerals, blood sugar regulation runs smoothly.

Therefore, anything that depletes or restricts magnesium can interfere with blood sugar levels. Various medications, artificial food and chemicals are some of the culprits.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Component #2: Nerves.

Nerves are like electrical wires in many ways. They transmit energy to establish communication between the brain and body. Calcium and magnesium are required for them to function properly. In this way, organ and muscle function rely on them. Once again, deficiency of these minerals can cause all manner of issues. Even blood sugar regulation relies on proper nerve function and communication.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Component #3: Pain.

Pain can occur when the nerves malfunction. In evidence of this, calcium can be powerful as a pain reliever. One of the least suspected causes of pain is a lack of these minerals. Killing pain. therefore, is a temporary measure. Deadening pain, though relieving, can be worsening the condition. Again, deficiency often escapes attention. It is more common than one would imagine.

Calcium and Magnesium as a preventative for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

It is obvious that there is more to this condition than just pain. Body malfunction can be at play. Deficiency of these two vital minerals can play an integral part. Magnesium regulates blood sugar levels as well as nerve function. It relies on calcium to be effective. Calcium, as a pain killer, relies on magnesium to be effective. It is a quite simple process.

To help prevent or possibly remedy Diabetic Nerve Pain, mineral balance is essential. Calcium and magnesium in the correct forms, ratio and balance are essential. Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the body’s function. It quickly absorbs to supplement intake of these two vital minerals to ensure ample supply.

When conditions such as Diabetic Nerve Pain strike, it is wise to see a doctor. In addition, maintaining mineral levels through diet and supplements is advisable. The best remedy is said to be prevention, however. Try Instant CalMag-C and see what differences it can make.

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