Dentist Pain, Fear Alleviated, Patient Claims 3 Fold

Dentist pain and fear during visits may be quite common and sometimes requires intervention, yet this man claims to have changed it all through magnesium supplementation.

“Dentist pain” has become an increasingly popular search term with dentist fear similar in popularity. One man’s recent experience, however, has defied this popular trend with claims of 3 benefits of magnesium supplementation including reduced pain, fear and need for Novocaine and pain relievers.

Strategy for being calm, cool and ready for the procedure

Our patient’s story begins with strategy.

“I hate going to the dentist for routine cleaning because it has not been pleasant up until recently. Because of excess tartar buildup, coupled with my own procrastination, I have required scaling (deep cleaning). This time I waited sufficiently long that they needed to get below the gums, a procedure which undoubtedly would have ended up requiring Novocaine and resulted in soreness and pain.

“I had been taking the Instant CalMag-C product for some time now and have used it in times of pain and even restlessness to great result. I suddenly saw a strategy. I knew about the power of magnesium for relaxation of muscles and nerves. So I planned to take a sufficient amount before bed the night before the procedure, then the morning of, doubling my normal intake to two cups in each instance.

Fear and anxiety alleviated and need for pain relief eliminated

With strategy in place, our brave subject took a bold leap of faith.

“Having confidence in the magnesium, and feeling very calm and relaxed about the whole thing, I told the hygienist that I didn’t want to start out with any numbing agents. I refused Novocaine injection (which I hate) and further declined to have any topical anesthetic, despite realizing she would be going deep beneath my gums with her instruments.

“Confidence aside, I was surprised to make it through the entire procedure with only discomfort – not pain! And, any discomfort was not from pain or ‘sensitivity’ issues. I was able to lie there comfortably while I received a more intense cleaning than I had ever had prior. There just was no need for anesthetic.

Pain and swelling afterward were nowhere to be found

The proof was in the after effects. There were none to be found. Dentist pain no more:

“Perhaps the most surprising thing for me was afterward. I noticed how great I felt while the hygienist gave me follow-up instructions for swelling or pain, of which I experienced neither. Though, because I know the power of minerals, I did do a salt water rinse with mineral salt, I experienced no pain or swelling whatsoever after the procedure and I became a believer in the mineral magnesium. It is not so much a pain killer as a pain ‘protector’ of sorts. A real shield against pain and nervousness.

Realizing mineral deficiencies can make you susceptible to pain and anxiety

“I know well the ‘jitters’ I have gotten, and even pain, from having lack of sleep, too much caffeine or poor nutritional habits at times. I think everyone experiences those. And, they seem like isolated incidents on the surface. But I realize now that below that experience, there are real deficiencies in the body which manifest themselves in these ‘symptoms’ as warning signs. Logically, I found, that if magnesium seems to be a natural muscle and nerve relaxer, it must be that deficiencies in it can create pain and anxiety, jitteriness and the like. So I supplement it and make sure I have enough, and even step it up when I will need more.

Magnesium is only as effective as it is balanced

Magnesium is a sort of “tandem” mineral having certain requirements for absorption. The requirements are a balance with calcium and, since these minerals are quite alkaline, an acid to create balance. Instant CalMag-C uses this ratio of calcium to magnesium as well as vitamin C as an acid to create an instant reaction and a drinkable supplement which can be instantly absorbed for maximum benefit, with many reported effects, including the latest we heard from our dental chair hero.

“I would recommend Instant CalMag-C to anyone to not only alleviate pain, nervousness or the like, but to prevent them. My experience was not ‘after-the-fact’ in terms of pain and tension. It outright prevented it.”

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see what changes you can make both now and into the future. Alleviation and prevention may be yet possible. See for yourself what your story will be.

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