Dental Visits Can Be Naturally Painfree

DENTAL PAIN RELIEF:I was already drinking one glass of CalMag-C™ when I had a toothache start up. Over about five days it worsened to the point where I couldn’t eat anything hot or cold and had to let food sit out to room temperature. Chewing in the area was painful. Sleeping became a science of partially sitting up in an easy chair and I was developing an ear ache. I don’t like taking drugs but finally gave in and took ½ an aspirin each day. 

“I made a dentist appointment after a long weekend but was growing very concerned about the pain of both the examination and whatever might have to be done. I then remembered that I had read on the CalMag-C™ website that people could drink 3 or more glasses before a dentist appointment to help relax their mouths and that the form of calcium in CalMag-C™ is a powerful pain killer and would relieve pain. So I had 4 servings over 12 hours and was amazed that the pain almost totally disappeared. 

“The molar was ‘dead’ and bleeding out from a missing cavity but I had to wait a few days to have it removed. I simply continued with my 4 servings of CalMag-C™ and dropped the aspirin altogether. I was able to eat hot or cold food, sleep in my bed and barely noticed the tooth. AMAZING!!” M.F. Florida 


Visits to the dentist can be traumatic for some of us but there is a simple and natural way to 1) feel less stressed about the visit and 2) be pain-free and comfortable having dental work done. This not only helps the patient but also the dentist because it’s easier to do the work on an unstressed person than a stressed one. 

How is this? Well, calcium gluconate is a natural painkiller. The combination of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH into the correct range so it can be absorbed is a great solution. It even helps babies during times when they are teething. 

Basically, the body’s nervous system needs these two minerals – along with some others – to function and they are the most abundant minerals in the body. 

To give more data, who better than our users who, through personal experience, discovered how effective it is during dental work plus the many other uses. 

Dr Piet B, Orthodontist: I am an Orthodontist practicing in Pretoria, South Africa. I have been prescribing CalMag -C to my patients instead of giving them painkillers after banding/bonding for the past about 18 years. They get a small supply – enough for 3 days- and are instructed to take it at bedtime with a little snack/food. 

“We have found that this increases their pain threshold and in the case of extremely anxious patients, we will also prescribe it to be taken the night before the appointment. This approach has led to close to zero “difficult” patients. 

“As evidence of the detrimental effect of most pain killers on tooth movement becomes known, this approach makes even more sense. By actual survey about six years ago, it was found that 80% of our patients did not take pain killers after they had their appliances fitted. Parents and patients would often come back and buy a large supply for the whole family. It is very popular amongst athletes as well. 

“My staff has so much faith in this product that they always take it as a first line of defense if they are not feeling well or are aware of a cold/flu on a sub-clinical level. As for myself…if the temper gets a bit short, I know I haven’t taken my regular dose of CalMag-C and I often find a glass of the potion has quietly appeared on my desk while some staff members exchange glances of satisfaction when they realize that I have swallowed the “magic water! 

Olga Y, Russia:Once my daughter cried and I could clearly see that she was feeling pain, she was 3 months old. I realized that most likely it was teething symptoms that bothered her. I immediately went to the kitchen and made her a portion of Calmag-C. 

“She was crying like someone was cutting her body with a knife. I must say it’s very distressing. During all thirty minutes that she was crying I was giving her little by little CalMag-C with teaspoon. Then she calmed down and soon she was sleeping. Since then she was getting at least a couple of teaspoons of Calmag-C every day and she was doing great with no problems.

“Being always happy after a while she began to manifest discomfort, she began irritated easily. I thought “This is it!” I increased the intake of CalMag-C by giving her a few teaspoons a few times a day. 

“So she was drinking now about a half of glass every day. Calmag-C handled this irritation and discomfort. This lasted for a week and then finally we got 2 first teeth!! 

“I think that we handled the teething symptoms very well. And I praise Calmag-C for that. For instance my friend, her son is a bit younger than my daughter, also began to suffer from teething. She gives him another Calmag of another producer and it looks like it doesn’t help him as he cries and he doesn’t sleep well. I convince all mothers to use only high-quality CalMag-C which works! I wish health and calmness to mothers and their babies and kids! With love.” 

Dentist’s wife: As I said, ALREADY after trying the CalMag-C twice, I saw the difference it made! I took two packets again today after having an orthodontic adjustment and feel like I am on “easy street”. Normally the feeling of my teeth moving is all I can think about for days, so I am really happy! 

“Also, when taking CalMag-C before bed, well, it just is wonderful! I look forward to being on it regularly as I am a Type 1 diabetic. It will be interesting to see the effects on my blood sugar! 

“We have had a super amount of stress the past few months. In July, our dental clinic (3300 sq ft) was wiped out in a freak storm. We have been operating in a temporary location. The amount of chaos has been off the charts. I think I am really depleted in some essential things (adrenal fatigue?) and as I said, the CalMag-C has already helped. 

“My husband told me that after the second dose, he did not feel any pain when going to sleep! Normally he has to use a heating pad and Advil to get any rest so it is great for him too. We cannot wait to tell our patients about this wonderful product. Thanks again, Desiree, I look forward to working with you!” JS, Partner Dental Practice, Wisconsin 

Bob R, Michigan: “Here a while back, Desiree and I were talking and I mentioned to her I was going to the dentist and that I had to have a tooth filled and a crown put on one of my teeth. She said I should drink about three glasses of CalMag-C and that it would help. I didn’t put a lot of attention on it but I thought, “Well, you know, it couldn’t hurt.” So, that day I drank a glass in the morning then a couple of hours later I drank another glass and then I drank a third glass. 

“So I went to the dentist and I was very relaxed, you know. Normally, I’m a little bit tense from holding my mouth open and it’s kind of not like I’m fighting the dentist but I’m not very comfortable. I noticed that it was a lot easier to hold my mouth open while he worked on the tooth. 

“After the dental work was done, I went back home and the Novocaine started wearing off and I noticed that my jaw – the area around my jaw where he worked on my tooth – wasn’t sore because normally it would be sore and it would ache from having to hold my mouth open in an awkward position. I didn’t have any of that. I was not uncomfortable at all. 

“It just felt as if I hadn’t had the dental work done. The only way I could tell that I’d had it done was that my gum-line was a bit sore, which is normal, from him working on the tooth but I could not believe the difference it made not having those tense jaw muscles. I was really surprised. It was almost unbelievable but it worked really great. 

“Another thing, I felt so good I did my exercise routine that day. I normally wouldn’t do my exercises after having dental work done like that. I just wanted to let you know. I think it’s really great stuff and I really appreciate it.” 

Claire C, St Louis, MO:When my teeth start to ache I know it’s time to drink my CalMag-C. 

Janet F, NY: “I went to the dentist for my 6-month cleaning/check up. They charted (whatever that means) my gums and both the hygienist and my dentist couldn’t believe that my receding gumline actually IMPROVED!!!! That’s right. IMPROVED. My teeth are no longer sensitive and no longer bleed. I owe this all to CalMag-C!!!!! Thanks a million, Desiree! 

Claes D, Florida: I recently had a periodontal operation – laser treatment. I expected to experience a lot of pain once the local anesthesia wore off but because I took a triple dose of Instant CalMag- C I experienced none of all that and my gums healed quicker than expected. I thoroughly recommend the CalMag-C before and after dental treatment. 

Jim O, Florida: Hey, I was at the dentist yesterday after we spoke. Got prepped for a crown. I was out of it, tired and in low nagging pain. It was bad enough I was going to resort to aspirin! (Have used aspirin maybe twice in 15 years.) So I used up 5 bags of your CalMag-C and got great relief, was able to get a good night’s sleep and followed up with another cup this morning. Wonderful!!!! So I am going by the dentist to leave him some samples and tell of my success. 

Instant CalMag-C 

Why Instant CalMag-C Works: It has been formulated in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually use it.

Why is this important?

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals your body needs. Without them, life would seize. They are very important as they are responsible for hundreds of body functions. 

Simply, calcium’s job is to contract the muscles while magnesium’s job is to relax them, and that’s effectively how the heart and all other muscles work. The nervous system sends signals to all different organs, glands and other body parts to tell them what to do. 

Calcium Needs Magnesium: In order for the body to absorb calcium, it needs magnesium – and vice versa – in a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. The best form of calcium is the gluconate form. (It is also used for severe pain.) 

Calcium and Magnesium Need Vitamin C: As both minerals are alkaline, they can’t be absorbed by the body unless they have some kind of acid such as vitamin C (or apple cider vinegar). Failing to have this balance can increase deficiencies of both calcium and magnesium. 

We have used both ascorbic and citric acids to create the correct pH so the body can absorb and use the calcium and magnesium efficiently. Having calcium without the proper pH can result in calcium depositing in joints (arthritis) or kidneys (stones) and even behind the eyes (cataracts).

It is safe for small babies (great for teething, colicky and restless babies) in very small doses, like the tip of a teaspoon in their water bottle a few times a day. As tolerance increases, you can increase it slowly.


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