Dental Fear, 3 Ways to Calm It Down

You may be calm in life but, something about that dental chair and those procedures can make your hair stand on end.

Even the most even-keeled person can become a nervous wreck when it comes to seeing the dentist, even for the most routine procedures. Why, however, can some tolerate the most extensive procedures without even batting an eye? Are some people naturally more nervous than others when it comes to routine dentistry? Evidence would suggest otherwise.

There are indeed some factors to consider that can cause or exacerbate anxiety and fear. Here are three such factors which can be remedied to alleviate much of such dental fear.


While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, sleep may be the most important activity. It has many benefits. Sleep not only rejuvenates the body and repairs damage, it also provides a recharge of the body’s batteries. It provides for energy and proper function. Have you ever lacked sleep? You may have experienced feelings similar to the “fear” you experience in that dental chair. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, especially on the eve of a dental procedure, is of paramount importance!


Have you ever been super hungry and found yourself irritable, jittery, nervous or exhausted? Have you ever been “keyed-up” on too much carbs, junk food or caffeine? If so, you may have experienced the very dental fear you have come to know at the dentist. Not getting proper nutrition from a balanced diet is a leading cause of a variety of phenomena, anxiety included. There are many ways to combat anxiety. Vitamins and minerals from good nutrition are not only good ideas, they are essential to smooth body function. Getting a balanced diet with whole foods is the ticket to an even, energetic attitude with minimal anxiety. Eating right can be your best friend when you head to the dentist.


Magnesium promotes relaxation. In fact, people who maintain proper magnesium levels have reported less nervousness when they go to the dentist. Magnesium is a natural calming agent.

When combined properly with calcium it can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Dental fear can be triggered by deficiency of this mineral. Getting an adequate supply is, therefore, just as important as sleep and a balanced, nutritious diet.

How to reduce dental fear

While many fears are emotional, some are physical. Lack of sleep, poor diet and magnesium deficiency are ways to cause fear or make it worse. Getting more sleep or changing your diet is easy. Getting sufficient magnesium, however, can be challenging. It is often necessary to use supplements. Nevertheless, handling these three issues can make all the difference between a fearful or pleasant experience at the dentist. Dental fear is not necessary.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see what differences you see, even at the dentist!

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