Dehydration, 5 Little-Known Causes, Remedies

You may think only summer heat can cause dehydration when actually many things can dehydrate you.

Perhaps you are more aware of dehydration during those spring, summer and even fall months, due to hotter weather conditions. Just as the holidays and cold weather roll around, however, when your attention is elsewhere, dehydration enters via seemingly innocuous causes, five of which are common during the months of December and January. Here is a look at these five and their remedy.

1. Cold climates

While many people think only hot weather can dehydrate you, an UNH study actually confirms that there are several scenarios in which cold weather can be instrumental in body dehydration.

While not everyone lives in cooler climates during the holiday season, destination vacations to ski resorts and other such places, even for short duration can be quite enough to do the trick.

2. Tropical destinations

Tropical climates can be quite deceiving, particularly to those travelling on vacation or short-term trips. One particular tropical native helps travelers to recognize symptoms which he reports do not necessarily include being thirsty.

Travelers cope by spending a great deal of time in air-conditioned environments. Air conditioning, in addition to cooling the air, removes moisture. The human body, largely made up of water, is not exempt from being “conditioned” itself.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol creates numerous strange effects on the body. According to one expert, alcohol consumption ends up in excess urination which can ultimately dehydrate the body. Consumed in excess, especially around the holiday season, alcohol is a dehydration culprit.

4. Medications

While it may be obvious that diuretics and laxatives have dehydrating effects, other seemingly innocuous drugs can have devastating effects. WebMD reports that Antihistamines, surprisingly, are among the culprit meds that can dehydrate you. Taken especially during colder seasons, the environmental dehydration factors can be compounded by the meds.

5. Sports drinks and sugar – same thing! gives a shocking report about high levels of sugar and dehydration. When sugar levels are spiked, the kidneys go to work in effort to expel it through urination. With the excess expulsion of water, dehydration is almost inevitable.

Such is the irony of the modern-day sports drink. While it may contain “electrolytes” to help hydration, the high sugar content has an opposite effect.

Real electrolytes come from minerals.

Factually, salt has been given, not a bad name, but a wrong one. What is commonly called “salt” is actually sodium chloride, or table salt. Having only two minerals, out of balance with the many needed ones, this is something which can be very harmful causing conditions such as high blood pressure.

Real salt has many minerals. Himalayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt contain more than 80 essential minerals. These are the real electrolytes that are needed to keep the body hydrated. (The word "salt" is derived from the word "salary" because hundreds of years ago the sailors were paid with salt. It is vital for our survival.)

Dehydration solutions

The solutions all begin with knowledge of what dehydration is, what its symptoms are and what situations and factors may cause it. Cold and tropical climates, sugars, medicines, sports drinks, etc. all can cause it insidiously.

Drinking more water is a common “solution” which, in itself can serve to further dehydrate the body, causing excess urination.

Minerals are key. Minerals are gotten through many foods, especially veggies. But with soil depletion so common lately, minerals are less than they were a generation ago. Himalayan sea salt has a wealth of minerals and is one of the only real dehydration-fighting electrolytes.

Part and parcel to mineral consumption through supplementation is Instant CalMag-C. Calcium and magnesium, in their correct form, are essential to literally hundreds of body processes and play a key role in all of them.

Whether on vacation or at a holiday party, you don’t have to suffer the symptoms of dehydration if you know its cause and safeguard against it with minerals.

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