Deep Tissue Massage Taken 3 Levels Deep

Deep tissue massage is popular but how deep does it penetrate?

It’s simple. You have stress and muscle tension. You seek massage therapy and get a deep tissue massage. End of story, right? Not quite. In fact, there are several levels of penetration into stressed, tense muscles which go far deeper than a mere massage. Massaging pressure points only serves to relieve them momentarily. But, their cause lies deeper; several levels deeper. For the most lasting result, let’s explore these levels.

On the surface: Deep tissue massage is only the entry level

While there is no dispute that massage therapy is quite effective, it’s purpose is limited in the larger scheme of things. While getting a massage can provide relief, it does not attack the core of the condition. It’s effectiveness, however, is in relieving cramped or tense muscles. Accumulated stress in the form of “trigger points” causes muscles to work against any positive therapy. Trigger points are what you may describe as “knots” in the muscle which feel like marbles or stones to the touch. And they do hurt when they are touched. Deep tissue massage can relieve these effectively. And, though you may feel relief, without tracking their cause, you are in for another round. And so, the cycle continues.

Looking deeper: After deep tissue massage has worked, the cause of trigger points remains

What causes trigger points, tension and muscle spasms in the first place? The answer to this would provide longer lasting relief. A look behind the scenes reveals that nerves control muscle function. Such nerves, for whatever reason, can become irritated. When they do the muscles react. It’s quite simple. Trigger points are the most common occurrence along nerve channels and evolve into much more painful conditions. The logical solution seems to be to be to get a massage. But even deep tissue massage can’t fix a nerve irritation. Chiropractors look for such nerve irritations, commonly in the area of the spine, and relive them. This can reduce or eliminate muscle tension in many cases provided the nerves are functioning properly. And the need for deep tissue massage may diminish considerably.

The deepest level: Nerve malfunction trumps nerve irritation

A chiropractor and massage therapist can work together to relieve trigger points and discomfort, and to eliminate irritation to nerves causing it. But, what if the nerves are not functioning in the first place? Nerves carry electrical energy which has several base requirements. Any electrical system requires a generator. Nerves rely, to a large degree, on the minerals calcium and magnesium. In deficiency, these nerves malfunction as do the body systems they supply. Everything suffers. Getting these minerals in sufficient combination, form and supply is then paramount – the deepest level below the deep tissue massage. Here is a true source or cause that opens the door to more lasting effects.

The three levels of eliminating muscle tension and stress

Obviously there is a bigger picture when it comes to muscle stress. While deep tissue massage handles the problem on the surface, just below you find nerve irritation causing it. And, just below that, there is the source of the nerve energy. For a long-lasting effect, all levels would need to be investigated and corrected. Massage therapy opens the door to allowing the irritations to be removed. Therapy such as chiropractic care can remove the irritations to the nerves. Mineral supplementation can reboot the power source. And there is a 1-2-3 simple handling for many types of muscle tension.

Instant CalMag-C is rather unique in it’s precise combination of calcium and magnesium. It’s formulation is based on not only what the nerves need to function, but the muscles and skeletal system as well. Even muscle tension itself can be caused by a deficiency of these vital minerals. Often their supplementation alone can have some of the most miraculous effects. Try it today and see which ones you may experience. Perhaps you don’t have to suffer with muscle tension after all.

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