Cramps, Spasms, Pain – What’s The Difference?


PAINFUL SWOLLEN KNEE:Yes, I would be glad for you to use my message. I have NEVER written a testimonial for anything before, but this was really amazing.  My patella began popping out of place following a day of working on my hands and knees doing construction underneath my kitchen cabinets. After suffering for over two weeks from a very painful swollen knee, I was getting no better and was actually becoming more debilitated as my other knee was becoming inflamed from bearing more weight as I favored the injured leg. I had tried several things with no success, when I thought of my CalMag-C that I had neglected to take in quite a while. In less than thirty minutes after drinking the mixture, my mobility improved by about ninety percent! By the next day and two more doses, I was walking up and down my front steps using both knees and without pain….a true miracle!” 

Susan H, Mississippi

NIGHT-TIME CRAMPS: “This is actually a “success-update”!!! My involvement with Calmag-C has brought dramatic results! 

“I was having severe leg-cramps in bed almost every night…and I mean SEVERE!!! But, I had enuff sense to avoid the drug-dispensing allopathic doctors. I had tried a variety of “do-it-yourself” “treatments” but the almost-nitely misery continued. 

“Then…I heard about Calmag-C…visited the site..and read so many ravings from so many people about how helpful it was for them, that I was really curious as to whether it could end my misery.   Lo and behold…the cramps totally stopped after the 2nd day of dosages. I was amazed! It DEFINITELY did the job. So…I’ve decided to keep plenty of Calmag-C on-hand as a part of my nutritional regimen…and…consequently…haven’t had any more leg-cramps in years! Calmag-C – my Magic-Elixir!!!”

Wayne A, Columbia SC

Different Areas, Same Source

The only difference is the severity, pain being more severe than cramps or spasms.

The most common types of cramps and/or spasms are those that occur in the legs or feet but they can also occur in the intestines and this condition is known as spastic colitis or spastic constipation. The source of these things can have a common cause but please remember that any chronic situation that does not respond to simple measures must be addressed by a qualified medical person.

Irritability of the muscles can be caused by a lack of calcium. This can result in spasms, cramps, even extreme pain. In extreme cases, if the blood calcium drops too low, it can cause convulsions.

Many women have cramps or spasms of the uterus which can start about ten days prior to their monthly cycle and which can escalate just prior. This condition can be aggravated during the adolescent years when the demand for calcium by the growing body is escalated. Many teenagers experience what they call growing pains.

Even babies experience these cramps or spasms, which we call colic.

Spasms or cramps that escalate in severity are then causing pain in varying degrees. This includes headaches and migraines.

Calcium gluconate is an excellent pain-killer.

Calcium Needs Magnesium: In order for your body to absorb calcium, it needs to be accompanied by its partner, magnesium, in a balanced ratio of two parts calcium to one part magnesium.

Calcium contracts your muscles while magnesium relaxes them and that’s a simple explanation of what these two minerals do.

See our customer pain results here and customer cramps here!

Calcium and Magnesium Need Vitamin C: As both calcium and magnesium are alkaline, they need some kind of acid before they can be absorbed. Failing to have this combination can lead to increased deficiencies of calcium and/or magnesium or the calcium depositing in joints (arthritis) or kidneys (stones). You can use apple cider vinegar too but vitamin C is usually a more practical and better-tasting solution.

Why Instant CalMag-C Works: Unlike tablets and capsules that sometimes don’t break down properly, Instant CalMag-C has been formulated in a 2:1 blend of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually absorb the calcium and magnesium. This is very important. It is made with boiling water and this is very important as calcium particles are large and the chemical reaction created by dissolving the powder with boiling water breaks them down into absorbable ones.

Calcium Also Needs Vitamins D & F: Most people know that vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium. This is correct but the vitamin D only absorbs it into your bloodstream. What most people don’t know is that, in order to get calcium from your bloodstream into your tissues, you need vitamin F (another name for essential fatty acids). Vitamins D and F need to be in balance with each other so make sure you take a good quality fish (or cod) liver or flax oil in your daily diet. They are very important for good hormonal function too.

We have not added vitamin D or F to Instant CalMag-C as they are both oil soluble vitamins whereas calcium and magnesium are water soluble and it’s not a good idea to mix them.

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NIGHT-TIME CRAMPS: “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking your CalMag-C for the past 4 days, and I’ve not had horrific leg cramps in the middle of the night for the past 4 nights as a result. Yay!!!” 

Joni B, California

ACHING BACK:The last time I wrote to you I’d mentioned that I was planning to visit a chiro because of an aching back (strained it while exercising)! Well…prior to the chiro visit, I decided to continue “self-treating”  the aches with “this and that”…including EXTRA dosages of CalMag-C… daily.

“And…as with all the other body aches that I’ve experienced over the years…the back aches subsided, and all returned to normal….allowing me to keep my 33 year record intact (of not having to make a doctor visit for an ailment/sickness).

“I’m doin’ very well, again…as usual…and I bought that last case of CalMag-C just to ensure that I’ll have MORE than enuff on hand for periods of extra doses… to cover any future body emergencies!!! “Thanks for bein’ there!

A Big Fan, Wayne” Wayne A, South Carolina

Please note: We are not doctors. If you have any pain that is not resolving with simple solutions, you must get the appropriate medical help.

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