Candy Crush Can Cause Candy Calcium Crash!

No, it’s not a cute game app to play. It’s Halloween.

And it’s here again.

And so is the candy. But the “crush” is actually a crash.

And whether or not trick-or-treating is happening this year, the candy manufacturers are up to their best tricks to sell us their treats!

It doesn’t end here, however. Halloween could also be considered a “gateway holiday” to the Holiday Season. All the while the two-month sugar binge begins.

So, what’s the big deal?

The issue is really not the amount of sugar consumed so much as what the sugar does once ingested. And for that matter, the other chemical ingredients involved. Such ingredients obviously mess with blood sugar levels, but the reasons are not what you think.

What actually happens is not only the true cause of any issues the candy may cause, it is the solution to handle the adverse effects.

So, to our benefit, studying candy could help us live better!

What’s so bad about candy anyway? What is it really doing to me?

Candy is good, right? At least it tastes good anyway.

Many people think they actually have candy corn running through their veins (or something less gross) and THAT is what constitutes their blood sugar levels.

These people consider that the sugar content of the candy bar is equal to their level of sugar in the blood.

This may be true.

But it depends on one factor that if you don’t know, sugar can become the enemy!

What determines blood sugar levels and how can I change mine to my advantage?

Changing it to your advantage starts with knowledge.

There is a hormone called “insulin” which is responsible for moving sugar from the blood to the cells (which make up organs) that need the sugar for energy. The sugar itself, in abundance can be used in theory (if it is the form the body needs) and insulin carries it to where it will be used.

Insulin will also take the excess and store it as fat which is actually a reserve for later use. What’s left over goes to reserves.

So sugar can have three effects:

First it can provide energy to the cells, via the insulin “transit system” of the body.

Second, it can build up in excess and the body will tell the insulin to put it in storage as fat.

This is why sugar “makes you fat” which is quite a literal statement! In fact, ONLY sugar makes you fat when you break it down to basics.

And then there’s this…

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What is the third, and most sinister effect of sugar?

By now, anyone who hasn’t heard of a condition called “Diabetes” is probably not from this world and maybe a zombie, a ghost, vampire, werewolf or ghoul. It’s that popular.

Most don’t understand what it is. But it is an exaggerated effect of this blood sugar balance.

And this gives us the third effect of sugar on the body.

Because overloading the system with poor sources of sugar and chemicals can disrupt this process either directly or indirectly. Directly in overtaxing the pancreas, which is the gland that makes your insulin.

But more commonly what the sugar does to blood sugar has to do with what the blood sugar does to the body…

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Are blood sugar levels equal to the amount of candy I eat? Only if you don’t have this…

Here’s what the real third effect is most commonly which isn’t Diabetes itself but what can cause it in the first place.

Insulin can be produced in sufficient quality and can work to do its job because of one mineral: magnesium. This mineral is responsible for the entire process.

And, in its absence, you can only imagine what happens to the processes it is responsible for.

And magnesium has charge of over 300 body processes.

Sugar can crash this system by burning up magnesium and its vital partner, calcium. And without these, the whole process breaks down.

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Sugar can be a treat instead of a trick if you do this…

Simple. Monitor and maintain your calcium and magnesium levels. Mind them and make sure you’re getting enough dietary magnesium (as well as calcium) in your diet and supplement where you’re not.

But you MUST supplement, even if you’re getting enough, when you crash your levels. So eating sugar can increase your need for these minerals.

Fortunately, Instant CalMag-C mineral supplement beverage mix delivers calcium and magnesium fast. It is formulated to be absorbed instantly and put to use immediately to get to work in the areas where deficiency may be causing malfunction and to power the vital functions of these and other processes.

And, yes, that’s definitely a treat if you have any deficiency whatsoever.

Drink Instant CalMag-C today and see how much more pleasant Halloween and the holidays to follow can be!

Trick or treat for Instant CalMag-C!

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