Can You Blame Coffee for All the Stress You Carry?

Coffee seems an obvious scapegoat for stress, but do you have to quit drinking it to relax? Not exactly.

Sure, you can quit coffee and maybe even feel a little relieved (once getting past the withdrawal phase). But do you stop carrying stress forever after?

The answer to this question proves that coffee isn’t itself the sole culprit, a contributing factor it may be.

And, if this isn’t enough evidence, witness the millions of non-coffee-drinkers who yet suffer the effects of stress, carrying them in various parts of the body.

Whether coffee drinkers or not, we’re faced with a problem of cause and effect. When you say “I suffer the effects of stress” by carrying stress in your shoulders, for instance, you are silently admitting there is a cause.

And, you admit the truth.

Understanding causes helps you mitigate effects. Stress is no exemption.

But, even if you don’t drink coffee, this applies to you as well!

How to get rid of stress you carry without getting rid of coffee…

When you think about it, it is a rather ridiculous notion that stress in the environment can manifest and hold itself in your shoulders, back, neck or anywhere else you tend to carry it.

And, though the caffeine content in coffee can affect you as a stimulant, is it just liquid physical stress?

In actuality, it is not. Recognizing this is the first step on the road to getting rid of physical stress.

NOTE: This does not suggest to go out and drink all the coffee you want. Coffee contains the drug “caffeine” which is a stimulant and can exacerbate stress and physical manifestations of it.

Additionally, it has many side effects which produce physical manifestations such as dehydration, increased heart rate and the like.

But if not coffee, then what? What are the real causes of stress and why does coffee seem like a prime suspect?

The actual causes of stress are not what you think. Here’s the real story…

While the causes of retained stress in the body are too numerous for a short article on stress, it is basically an idea of “balance” within the body.

The body is a delicate balance of processes which work in harmony for the greater good, to be a vessel for all you want to do and accomplish, even if it is just relaxing on vacation, let alone work, play, etc.

For this “symphony” of function to work, certain base requirements must be met. Communication, for one, is of utmost importance. Body systems to “balance” must communicate. This means two things.

What 2 elements must the body have to function stress-free?

Let’s look at basic communication. To communicate you must have two crucial elements: open channels and a way of driving what is to be communicated.

On your cell phone, you have this. The cellular tower system is a wireless channel that, when in good working order, is open. And, because of the power behind it, the signal is able to reach where you need it to go.

But, what if a tower collapses? There may be plenty of power pushing the signal, but no channel on which to carry it exists. Similarly, if you have good working towers, in a power failure, those open channels mean nothing.

What your cell phone can teach you about the stress you carry and how to change it…

Balance within the body means open channels of communication between the systems, and enough power to drive any necessary communication. There is little else of such paramount importance.

Nerves, hormones and other communication vessels are the channel for basic function to synchronize. Nutrition and proper nourishment are responsible for the power behind it. It is truly as simple as your cell phone.

When one or the other breaks down, you have imbalance, and breakdowns occur. The first to go is defense against stress. You are wide open to it in a communication breakdown!

Have you noticed coffee has had NOTHING to do with any of this?

So, whether you drink coffee or not, knowing the basics of body balance is key to mitigating the stress you carry and potentially reducing, eliminating or preventing it.

How to change your stress without changing your coffee-drinking habits

While keeping the channels of communication open is up to specialists of open nerve channel function such as Chiropractors, or those who specialize in hormone function, the power behind them is nutritional and, you guessed it, largely dependent upon minerals!

The leaders? Calcium and magnesium, of course!

In fact, these two minerals alone are practically responsible for more body functions than, perhaps, all the others combined. These minerals drive the contraction and relaxation actions nerves and muscles predominantly use.

Without them, nothing communicates or functions. Often times, drinking coffee or not, their absence can make you carry stress in places you never thought possible!

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to absorb instantly. It is based upon the body’s natural use of these minerals and therefore its effects can, in many cases, be noticed instantly.

Try Instant CalMag-C today. It’s stress relief made instantly!

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