Can Posture Kill Confidence?


Where does it come from? And, more importantly, how can you control it?

Many of us think we have our fair share. Most would attest they could use more. Some worry about it. And that fact gives them that much less of it.

A seeming mental quality and quantity, could it also have a physical component? Think about it. If there are physical manifestations to a lack of confidence, doesn’t it follow that there is a physical component that makes it possible?

And stand to reason it does because of one physical factor that’s an index of confidence: posture!

And, although achieving postural perfection will not give someone complete confidence, you can gain much of it by debugging postural issues revealing some crucial factors that may be holding you back.

Posture has nothing to do with lack of confidence unless this one thing is wrong…

Did you ever find yourself lacking confidence in any situation?

You may have noticed, among the ways you may have felt, anxiety, fear and other uncomfortable emotions may have occurred.

But, did you know, THESE emotions can be triggered physically? Not only is it a fact that they can, it is assured that they do. They are a fact of life!

Practical for getting us out of danger, evolution has enabled a “learning curve” for us to be ready for fight or flight in any dangerous situation.

But how dangerous is it to talk in front of a group of people, in front of a judge in traffic court, or to your mother-in-law or grumpy or disgruntled co-worker? How fearful should you be of talking to a stranger, making a sale or networking with others? How much apprehension is required for being “good with people” and getting along well with others?

What do you need to know about it to boost or restore it? The answer will, for sure, make you sit up and take notice!

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Posture is a concern but it can really kill your confidence if you don’t know this…

What you need to know has to do with basic construction of human anatomy and how it is designed to function.

Why is it we say we’re “nervous” when we are uneasy, anxious or afraid?

There is an excellent reason for that. It’s actually quite literal. Your nerves have everything to do with the condition.

But it isn’t solely the nerves. There are many factors in interplay ALONG WITH the nerves which actually account for the variables which mess with your ability to be calm, cool and, yes, confident.

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Is your body causing you stress and interfering with your confidence?

Two, fundamental physical components of anatomy malfunction to cause nervousness.

First, there is the basic structure. Second there is function. Both are important. Both must be supported. Only one usually get attention.

Supporting function as we do with diet, exercise, supplementation, therapy and the like, we seldom look to structure. But the structure is the foundation of it all.

Your body is designed to support function. Your nervous system, for instance, mounts to your frame much in the same way wires do in a computer network in an office building. The muscles are tantamount to the drywall and insulation. Organs could be compared to the computer thermals and phones on the network. All work in harmony.

The basic structure supports ALL of it.

Should this basic structure fail, everything breaks down. So, not only do you need to power everything up, you need to make sure it is stable.

THIS is what posture is all about and how it can interfere with your confidence.

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Confidence, nervousness and the like may be hopeless unless you know this…

Posture can be a structural issue. This can be caused by many physical factors. But some support factors are at play in your posture as well.

Calcium and magnesium, being responsible for more than 300 body functions are among the most common deficiencies in the body. Being dependent on one another, these deficiencies can be hard to spot. You may have plenty of one but not the other and so neither is effective.

Supporting nerve, muscle and bone function, along with a host of processes including blood pressure, blood sugar and more, you can see how one might feel a little nervous in their absence.

Drinkable Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage is an excellent way to instantly fulfill the need of these vital minerals due to their deficiency. It is formulated to absorb instantly so it can be put to use IMMEDIATELY by the body in a host of process it needs them for.

And you can be confident, if you were deficient, that replenishing them can give you that boost you need for posture and your overall confidence too!

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