Can Exercise Be a Pain?

Many people experience muscle stiffness or pain for a day or two after exercising or doing manual work, especially if it’s been too long since their last exertion. It’s not necessary to have the unpleasant “side effects” of exercising. We have a solution to the problem.

How the Nervous System Functions

The nervous system can be compared to an electrical switchboard in your house. In order to function it needs current flowing through the wiring to the socket. If there is any interference, the power supply can become intermittent or completely cut off.

The nervous system has to “conduct electricity” through the body so it can function. In order to function it needs certain nutrients, two of which are calcium and magnesium. If you’re deficient in either of these two nutrients or salt and potassium, it can interrupt the “electricity” supply in your body and you will feel the symptoms, such as spasms, discomfort, pain, racing heart, insomnia, etc. (Please note, when referring to salt we mean unrefined sea or Himalayan salt.)

Another key factor is that your adrenals control the blood vessels that lead to the heart (blood pressure control). If you’re deficient in either of these two minerals (or salt and potassium), it affects your blood pressure too. Dizziness or light-headedness could be two of the symptoms.

The breakdown of lactic acid and other by-products of exertion can easily be counter-acted with calcium and magnesium. That’s why so many athletes report great relief when using CalMag-C.

Besides the nervous system, there are many other functions in the body that require calcium and magnesium.

Exercising and the Nervous System

Any time you exert the body, whether while producing or exercising, it sweats and a loss of minerals and other water-soluble vitamins occurs. If not replenished, all manner of discomfort can be felt, tense muscles, pain in the muscles, headaches, dizziness, etc. These are also signs of dehydration.

Many people think that drinking water is adequate but it can actually worsen the problem as the water-soluble nutrients, including minerals, just get more and more depleted as you sweat or urinate. They have to be replaced and that’s why some people end up needing electrolyte drips etc. Compensating for the loss of minerals is done by drinking water AND taking minerals such as calcium, magnesium, salt and potassium.

Calcium Needs Magnesium

In order for your body to utilize calcium, it needs to be accompanied by its partner, magnesium, in a balanced ratio of two parts calcium to one part magnesium. Calcium contracts your muscles while magnesium relaxes them and that’s a simple explanation of what these two minerals do.

Calcium and Magnesium Need Vitamin C

As both calcium and magnesium are alkaline, they need some kind of acid before they can be absorbed. Failing to have this combination can lead to increased deficiencies of calcium and/or magnesium or the calcium depositing in joints (arthritis) or kidneys (stones). You can use apple cider vinegar too but vitamin C is usually a more practical and better-tasting solution for most.

Why Instant CalMag-C Works

Instant CalMag-C has been formulated in a 2:1 blend of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually absorb the calcium and magnesium. Instant CalMag-C is ready for absorption the minute you make it. It’s almost as if it has been pre-digested.

It is made with boiling water and this is very important as calcium particles are large and the chemical reaction created by dissolving the powder with boiling water breaks them down into smaller, absorbable ones. That’s why it absorbs so rapidly into your body and you can feel the difference, literally in minutes.

Some of our users were happy to share their wins with Instant CalMag-C and here they are:

Exercise, Kids and Sore Muscles: “I loved the CalMag-C!  I found it when I was researching calcium and magnesium and what combination to take.  I don’t get enough and I am lactose intolerant.  My muscles twitch often and I needed to find a way to get more into my system.  It has really helped.  I had no idea it helped muscles until I noticed that the soreness didn’t last as long as usual with a new work-out routine!  I drink a cup as soon as I get home from the gym and it is great!

I have been drinking it twice a day to get the right amount of calcium.  My kids all play sports and I gave it to them the first few weeks of the track season when their legs were sore from not running for months.  My two oldest kids just started a very intense hockey program and have been asking for the Cal-Mag-C!  They didn’t believe me at first that it would really help them through the sore muscles when they started track but were amazed at what it did, so now they know and are drinking it after practice!  We love it.  Thank You!”  

CS, Minnesota

Back pain, Sleeps Better, Body Stiffness and Knee, Shoulder Aches: “My husband frequently has pain in his back from the hard work we do all day and CalMag-C relieves it quickly and if I can get him to drink it consistently and enough, it gets rid of it completely and he also starts to walk straight! He also sleeps much better when he drinks it.

“I take it for general body stiffness and aches that make accumulate in my knee, shoulder, and just about anywhere else when I am depleted in calcium and magnesium. Basically it is an essential to aging!” 

MF, Florida

Recovery from Exercise: “I know my drinking CalMag-C morning and evening has played an important role in the improvement of my latest bone density scan. That’s a BIG reason why I’m a fan of CalMag-C. I also sleep better than I have in years and have less joint pain and I recover more quickly after strenuous work or exercise with less muscle aches. It really is great stuff and an integral part of my fitness routine. Thanks again.”


Sore Muscles and Joints: “Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints but taking Instant CalMag-C helps immensely. I religiously take it and it’s also important for muscle function. I very very seldom become ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to the stress they place on their bodies.”

JH Bruma

Muscles Recover Faster: “That white powder (calmag) really works! I can exercise much harder every day. It helps me sleep. I wake up and my muscles are not sore anymore. I feel like I can work much harder at gym and in my sport. My muscles are recovering much faster. I also don’t worry so much anymore.”

Sean, Pretoria

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not doctors. Should you have any illness or disease, please refer to your medical practitioner for the advice. The only advice we give is purely educational but we do recommend that you find yourself a practitioner who understands nutrition in relation to disease.

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