Can Calcium and Magnesium ‘Trump’ Stress?

Calcium and Magnesium ‘Trump’ Stress

There are many things to say about the recent US election. It was historic. In some ways it was controversial. Overall, it was stressful. Both candidates and constituents felt its effects. And, though the election is over, the effects of stress remain. For many, the most stressful time is to come. But how do you deal with stress? The functions of calcium and magnesium hold the answer. They can be said to “Trump” the effects of stress.

How do you know you’re under stress?

Before assuming calcium and magnesium are needed, what are the actual symptoms of stress? It can manifest itself in many ways. The most common, however, are symptoms such as pain, stiffness, sleeplessness, irritability and digestive issues, to name but a few. Even allergies are a symptom. But what is the real breakdown? How can environmental stress, such as a controversial election, make for physical symptoms and suffering?

Calcium and magnesium are not a remedy, they are a requirement

This is one of the greatest mysteries about stress which is the simplest to solve. Many people, when they supplement vitamins or minerals, take them as though they are a medication or remedy. This is a mis-classification and use of them. All such nutrients are required by the body to operate. None can be lived without. And when they are deficient or deplete, havoc can occur. Environmental stress is not supposed to affect the body adversely. The body is built to withstand very large amounts of it. It is only when there is deficiency that adverse reactions occur.

Deficiencies can be of other things than nutrients…

Many people regard deficiencies nutritionally when they can be deficient in other things. Sleep, exercise, basic motion, relaxation and even general activity are some of the less obvious, yet more important ones. Lacking any of these, stress becomes a major factor.

Calcium and magnesium deficiencies

Here are two of the most important minerals. They are responsible for a great majority of body functions. From blood sugar regulation to muscle relaxation, these can be a make-break when it comes to feeling stress.

Getting and keeping these minerals can be a difficult task. Soil depletion prevents plants from having a sufficient supply. Chemicals from processed foods or medication can deplete levels once ingested. And, of course, simple lack of nutrition can play a role too. There are even wrong forms of these minerals out there in many supplements.

‘Trump’ the effects of stress before it begins

The best course of action in most cases is to prevent malfunction before it ever occurs. Getting ample supply in correct form and ratio is key to starting on the path to a stress-free life.

Try Instant CalMag-C. It’s formulation is designed to be instantly absorbed into the body to be used for numerous body functions. The results can be miraculous in many cases. Find out if your stress can be less. ‘Trump’ it with the right supplement!

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