Calcium School Back In Session

Just when you thought knew everything there was to know about Calcium…

School was out. Way out.

Somewhere we left the schoolroom and attended the school of advertising. And the subject of calcium (along with many other health-related subjects) became a “belief” or a “notion” of what it was.

And this cursory understanding is where all the trouble started. It started the moment we found out the “facts” we hold true and feel there is nothing more to know; at least until we’re of an age “when our bones need it” or develop conditions as a result of its deficiency.

In view of the fact that calcium itself is responsible for hundreds of body processes, bone health is the least of what should be known about it.

As a matter of fact, NOT knowing the basics about calcium can be the difference between function and breakdown.

Knowing how the body USES calcium, you can readily see how many conditions are related to any deficiencies of this and many other “partner” minerals which power body function.

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Calcium School Roll Call – Class Is In Session!

For a better understanding not of how calcium works within the body, but how it actually empowers and drives the body to function, here is a brief video “class” on the basics TV commercials for the best-sold “remedies” won’t tell you.

Here is your education for a brighter future in greater wellbeing!

Watch the video replay of the Calcium 101 Class below, right now!


Graduates of Calcium School Go On to a Better Life!

Now that you understand calcium, as well as it’s partner mineral magnesium, and how the conditions under which the body utilizes them, you can have better control over obtaining them.

Your diet is the best place to start as this is where major deficiency begins! But you don’t necessarily get all of the calcium and magnesium you need.

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Depletion of these minerals is hard to avoid. Dehydration, soil depletion, toxin-related deficiency and more can work against all the calcium you supply.

Instant CalMag-C is based on the body’s natural absorption and utilization processes. This means that, when you mix and drink it, it absorbs instantly and is immediately put to use where needed.

And, knowing the hundreds of body processes these minerals drive, you can only imagine the effects this can create.

So, when calcium class is in-session, no one is “too cool for school”!

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