Calcium Gluconate vs Calcium Carbonate

Did you know that the hard water containing calcium bi-carbonate (the kind that leaves a calcium deposit in your tea kettle) is the best for drinking? 

As annoying as it is to have those deposits, you should cheer when you see them because then you know you are getting some sorely needed minerals. 

Do not confuse calcium bi-carbonate with calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a white, insoluble solid occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, marble, and calcite, and forming mollusk shells and stony corals – basically calcium carbonate is rock – whilst calcium bi-carbonate is completely assimilated and builds your bones by combining with the organic phosphorus (an important mineral) found in grains (not the dead refined stuff nor GMO – genetically modified organisms) and lecithin (an emulsifier) in natural fats. 

It is this calcium bi-carbonate that is essential in the bloodstream to prevent children from becoming susceptible to polio, colds and the diseases of childhood which produce fevers. 

In fact, calcium bi-carbonate deficiency alone can cause a child to have a recurrent fever that disappears at once when they’re given calcium lactate or calcium gluconate, both of which convert to calcium bi-carbonate in the body. 

Calcium deficiency fevers are common in children during the ages of rapid bone growth, especially if they’re getting too much cereal foods like processed dry cereals, without enough hard water calcium. The phosphorus is out of proportion to the calcium bicarbonate intake. Phosphorus, an important mineral, needs to be kept in balance with calcium. 

(kind acknowledgement to Dr Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Vitamins) 

Natural Painkiller 

Calcium Gluconate is also used as an injectable natural painkiller. It is a powerful painkiller, even when consumed as Instant CalMag-C. It is the most potent painkiller around. Other forms of calcium do not have this effect. 

Why Instant CalMag-C? 

Instant CalMag-C is made using calcium gluconate. As you have just read above, this is one of the two forms that the body can use because of it’s conversion into the bi-carbonate form. 

It is made in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate along with vitamin C to adjust the pH so that the body can absorb and use it. We don’t want it depositing in the joints and kidneys and this formula ensures that your body uses it and doesn’t dump it somewhere. 

It is safe for all ages – from infant to granny.


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