Calcium and Magnesium – Why Your Body Needs Both


The human body needs a lot of calcium because it cannot manufacture any and it uses this mineral for structure and many health-related functions:

  1. Bone consists mainly of calcium.

  2. By weight, one-third of body protein consists of collagen. A jelly-like substance with vitamin C its most important ingredient, this jelly is dependent on sufficient calcium to set. Together these two ingredients are responsible for tissue firmness (skin, etc.).

  3. Any healing process requires calcium.

  4. A calcium deficiency results in nervous tension and irritability.

  5. A key ingredient for normal sleep is calcium.

  6. Cell walls need calcium to resist infection-related intrusions.

  7. Sufficient calcium in the blood alleviates pain. (Calcium injections are sometimes used for excruciating pain.)

Calcium deficiencies are a primary factor in mood swings before and during menstruation, and with dental problems. Many people over 40, especially women who have birthed children, experience calcium deficiency, often a prime cause of muscle cramps and irritability, including spastic colon and irritable bowel syndrome. 


A prime factor regarding healthy digestion is the mineral magnesium. Magnesium also regulates and controls blood cholesterol.  By coating nerve endings – the lack of which causes jumpiness – this mineral prevents irritability and sleeplessness. 

Calcium without the balancing effect of magnesium lays one open to development of calcium-based kidney stones. Calcium traveling alone in the bloodstream tends to “crowd out” magnesium, causing further deficiencies; thus, it is important to have both minerals present in tandem. In other words: calcium and magnesium – your body needs both. 

To give you an idea of how these two minerals interact, think of a heartbeat. Your heart muscle contracts and then relaxes to pump blood through your body.  What makes your heart and other muscles contract is calcium; what makes your heart and other muscles relax is magnesium. 

Understanding calcium and magnesium – why your body needs both – is vitally important for your whole body and healthy body functions. Because a healthy human body needs both. 


Disclaimer: All information provided here are for educational purposes only, not to diagnose or treat any human body conditions. We recommend that you consult your regular medical or health practitioner for such services.


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