Calcium and Magnesium Vital Basics

Calcium and magnesium are vital to many body functions. Here is just a small number of them.

What don’t you know about the basics of calcium and magnesium? These two essential minerals pervades everything from bones and teeth to blood sugar levels, sleep cycles and all manner of other functions as well as a host of symptoms, illnesses and the like from their deficiency.

Essentially, calcium and magnesium are needed everywhere in the body. 

The most obvious use: bone structure

Everyone seems to know that calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth, and this is essentially true. What is little known is that the bones not only rely on calcium for strength, they serve also as a storage facility for it.

Calcium can be withdrawn from these deposits when needed by the body. 

What does “blood calcium” do for the body?

– Mood stability – Regulates sleep cycle – Tempers pain sensitivity 

Basic building block: tissue calcium

– Establishes cell repair

– Regulates menstruation, which depletes calcium – Drives and improves muscle function as shortages tend to induce cramping – Promotes healthy gums 

Calcium would be nothing without its partner, Magnesium!

Magnesium is needed for many body functions including:

– Digestive enzymes – Muscle function – Proper sleep cycles – Pain or noise sensitivity levels – Healthy nerve function – Blood sugar regulation

An impressive sampling of body functions indeed, calcium and magnesium are yet notoriously difficult to absorb, must be balanced for the body to use them well and must attain an exact level of body acidity to activate and work. Additionally, there are many brands of supplements which not only do not achieve the proper balance, but also provide an incorrect type or form of calcium to be absorbed by the body in the first place.

Instant CalMag-C is a precise formula not only to get the body to actually absorb and be able to use these minerals, but to get them into use as fast as possible.

Always know the basics before supplementing and you will have a body that will thank you!


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