Calcium 101 : The Basics

Calcium is not just a mineral rock mined from the earth. It is a complex factor of life. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fundamentals.

Such fundamentals are easily understood when broken down and examined in the context of the body and how it functions. So let’s go back to school on calcium and see what can be learned.

Minerals in general are vital to life. In other words, total mineral depletion would result in complete body malfunction, heart seizure – death. While total depletion is an extreme, deficiencies of even a more minor nature can result in malfunction, causing some very non-optimum physical and even mental symptoms, none of which are pleasant or necessary.

What do the minerals actually do?

Key as they are to optimal function, minerals create the electrical current vital to body function, and get it flowing through the nervous system to control the body and its processes. And, just as a power failure means no electricity to run appliances and electronics, so do the body functions break down and cease in the absence of essential current.

It really is that simple – maybe too simple – but here’s a video that can help increase understanding.



It is easy to see how calcium and magnesium are paramount to body function and how just any old source of calcium will not necessarily create it. It requires correct form, it requires precision and it requires appropriate combination and balance to make a body that works right. That is the basis of the Instant CalMag-C formula.

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