Build a Healthy Body

Focusing on Symptoms 

I want to tell you about a basic nutritional program that is designed to build health. It is not a “symptom” handler. If you keep handling symptoms you will always have symptoms. If you rebuild or strengthen the foundations of your body, you will have health. 

This is much like the walls in your house. If they keep cracking and you just keep filling the cracks, you will continue to have cracks.

However, if you repair the foundations and handle whatever is causing the cracks, they will stop appearing and your house will be in better condition. 

Your body works in the same way. It is completely rebuilt in a 7-year period. In other words, every single cell is replaced. Some cells are replaced in a few hours, some days, some weeks, etc but in a 7-year cycle your entire body is rebuilt. 

If you build a good foundation, you will have a body that gets stronger and healthier. In other words, it’s condition will improve! If you don’t change anything, it will continue to decline – in varying degrees of rapidity. 

I believe in self-empowerment, so let’s repair the foundations so the future of the body’s health is more positive. You are the boss of your body and can control it’s condition. 

Eating The Right Stuff 

The best way to a healthy body – and mind – is to ensure that you are eating a good quantity of fresh vegetables – raw and/or not overcooked. Eggs, fruit, vegetables, decent meat that isn’t factory-farmed are also good things to add in.

Cut out as much as possible the bad stuff – fizzy drinks (including the so-called energy drinks – they’re loaded with sugar, too much coffee, refined carbohydrate foods like white breads and cakes (pastas and many of the so-called healthy breads), sugar-loaded stuff.

Below is a “drink” you can make that has all the basic good stuff needed. This is useful for building a new body as well as replacing a meal during the day.

Bad Reactions

Please note that long term deficiencies of any nutrient can cause a “bad” reaction initially. If you continue, you will move through that and get into a better condition. Basically, what turns it on will turn it off. If you stop due to a discomfort, your body will continue to decline. 


Start this program on a gradient with smaller doses, like ¼, or even less, of the recommended doses and build up to the full doses within about two weeks or so. Then stay on that. Remember, this is not a quick fix program to handle symptoms. It is a nutritional program that you should be on for the rest of your life. Most of these ingredients are foods, not supplements as such. Feed the body properly and it will give you health. 

Concoction (mixture) 

Pour about 125 ml of good quality, preferably organic, unsweetened juice or water into a glass jar about 450 ml in size – this doesn’t matter but it must be big enough – or you can make a smoothie. 


Add 1 – 2 tablespoons Brewer’s Yeast – more, if necessary. It is an excellent food source of  B vitamins in balance and is a complete protein. Brewer’s Yeast is food so it is hard to overdose on it.

(Start the yeast on a gradient with 1/4 teaspoon. If you have gas problems, don’t stop – just take enzymes until your previous deficiency of enzymes is handled with the yeast. Please note, this is not yeast as in candida and will not cause candida. In fact, it will help to rebuild the friendly flora in the gut.) Check the list of what’s in Brewer’s Yeast in the picture above. 

  1. 1 – 2 tablespoons Lecithin – an emulsifier and it contains inositol and choline (this is very important for proper bile and liver function. The best lecithin is sunflower or egg lecithin. Avoid soy lecithin.) 

(As you can see in the photo there are two glasses both with oil and water but the glass on the right also has lecithin. It breaks the oil particles down to a smaller size so they mix with the water. That’s why they use it to make chocolate. It breaks down the lumpy pieces and blends them with the milk and makes a nice smooth chocolate.) 

  1. 1 tablespoon or more of a good quality natural superfood.

  2. 2 teaspoons – or more – Cod Liver Oil or Flax Seed Oil, if you’re intolerant of fish.

  3. 4 Wheat Germ Oil capsules or wheat germ if you can’t get the capsules (this contains the full spectrum of vitamin E. Vitamin E is not just one thing but a complex so be sure to get the complex one and not just one part of it.)

Shake the container and let it stand for about ten or more minutes or mix in a blender. This is to make sure that the contents are palatable. The lecithin will emulsify (dissolve and mix the ingredients together). Figure out the best way for yourself and add more liquid as needed. I use a NutriBullet and combine this with a mixture of raw vegetables, ginger, and whatever appeals to me and it is very pleasant and the NutriBullet allows you to get all the vegetables as it completely pulverizes  them into a liquid.

I make this concoction as above but you should adapt it to suit your needs and taste as long as you get it into your body and make it a routine. That’s the most important thing – not how you do it. (Don’t add sugar or other junk stuff – we want to rehabilitate health.) Some people don’t like the oil in the concoction and take it separately with orange or other juice. Some people like to sprinkle the lecithin in salads etc. Some sprinkle the Brewer’s Yeast on toast. There are many ways to do this.

Do what works for you.




Calmag-C is made of Calcium gluconate (this form of calcium is very important), Magnesium and Vitamin C 

It is also important that you drink calmag daily – once, twice, three times, whatever your body needs and whatever has been recommended. Besides the fact that your body needs calcium and magnesium, calcium is also needed to balance up the high phosphorus content of the Brewer’s Yeast and Lecithin. Phosphorus is an important mineral but it has to be kept in balance with calcium.

Make two or three glasses of CalMag-C, each with a level to one heaped teaspoon of the powder. Make sure you boil the water when making it. Keep the extra glass/es in the fridge for your nighttime or additional day drink. This can also be introduced on a gradient. You can make enough for two days. To order CalMag-C, click here.


Add Celtic Sea Salt to your drinking water. It is unrefined salt and contains more than 80 minerals. This is to hydrate you and provide you with extra minerals. It also contains iodine. The other unrefined salts are good too but they often don’t all have iodine. Most health food stores have it their bulk section and that’s the cheapest way to get it. I suggest you throw any refined salt away. It’s bleached and only contains sodium chloride. 

Most people are very dehydrated. It will not negatively affect high blood pressure – the white stuff that has all the minerals taken out and bleached white from the supermarkets is poison so please make sure this point is very clear. Read more here about dehydration and it's symptoms at Sunshine Vitamins - Dehydration Symptoms.

Vitamin E (Wheat Germ Oil)
 You must take vitamin E to allow proper use of oils and prevent oxidation. Make sure you buy real vitamin E and not a synthetic one. I personally use Wheat Germ Oil as it has all the E-factors in it. Vitamin E is not just one component like the synthetic ones made nowadays. It has many components that are all important for the body. You can buy them in capsules.


Disclaimer:  We are not physicians and this data is only for educational purposes. Should you be under the care of a practitioner, please refer this to him for evaluation and recommendation. 

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