Being a Mom Doesn’t Mean ‘Carrying Your Stress On Your Hip’

Does carrying your child on your hip equal carrying stress there too?

Mothers are arguably the most important people, charged with the most vital function of human life.

Consequently, they tend to be the most subject to stress. Such stress tends to manifest itself in many ways.

Whether carrying a child for 9 months of pregnancy, or for two years on the hip, symptoms of stress begin to show up. And more than a child, they tend to carry stress in their shoulders, neck, back and hips, much more than they bargained for.

But is this necessary, and is there any hope for relief?

There is. And it comes from an understanding of where the stress comes from.

Why do you ‘carry’ or ‘hold’ stress in your muscles?

There are several answers to this question.

Chiropractors, for instance frequently report many structural and postural misalignments as the source. Imbalances in the basic structure of the body make it prone to manifesting environmental stress in the body itself, particularly in the form of muscle tension. Commonly, people complain about stress in the neck and shoulders.

Moms of very young children are no exception, additionally complaining of hip and leg pain.

But misalignments and posture issues aside, muscles themselves can be stressed or fatigued and so react easily to external stress that wouldn’t ordinarily bother them. So, maintaining muscle health becomes just as key as structural integrity. But what supports healthy muscles?

What do muscles require to avoid getting stressed?

If you were to lift weights to get fit, you would likely only do so with long intervals of rest, not only in between workouts, but even in between sets. Why?

Well, imagine if you worked out far more frequently. Muscles would be far more fatigued without rest periods. You would find it absurd to overwork those muscles.

So why do they get fatigued even in those who don’t work out at all?

Why would muscles “hold’ stress instead of letting it go?

The problem is two-fold.

For one, muscles themselves have two natural functions: contract and relax. These functions happen in harmony to account for body motion. From lifting a cup of coffee, to standing or walking,

muscles follow patterns of contraction and relaxation to achieve basic functions.

Additionally, muscles depend upon nerves for their coordination of function. Signals from the brain are needed to direct them.

When nerve function or muscle reaction are lacking, issues tend to occur. And muscle tension is a prime reaction to deficiency in these areas.

What if you lifted those weights 24/7? All contraction and no relaxation would mean your muscles would never relax!

How to keep the muscles contracting AND relaxing, and stress-free!

One of the main ingredients of proper function of the muscles and nerves is mineral support.

Tandem cooperation and coordination of the minerals calcium and magnesium is paramount.

Calcium is responsible for contraction while magnesium takes care of relaxation.

Given this symphony of function, it is no surprise how a dietary deficiency from depletion of these minerals can lead to “carrying” external stress anywhere in the body. Shoulder and neck discomfort and pain, hip and lower back pain and the like are no exception.

Balancing the unbalance of ‘stress minerals’ and relieving muscle tension…

Obviously, getting a supply of these vital minerals is key. Sometimes diet alone cannot supply them and supplementation is needed. Supplemented properly this can supply more than hope of dropping carried stress. It can be the road to relief and riddance of it altogether.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to provide such a balance of the two minerals according to the body’s very strict requirements for their absorption and utilization. Balanced with a proper ratio and basic form of each of the two minerals, its absorption is not only instant, but its effects can be immediate too.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and find out how much less stressful motherhood and life itself can be as well as what differences it may make in the life of mother and child!

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