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The CalMag-C has been great. I’ve just had my periods and hardly had any cramps at all! Normally I am doubled over for 3 days!!”


A friend recommended Instant CalMag-C to me because I was having horrible problems with severe cramping all over my body. It definitely helps that but even better, it has been miraculous with the horrendous menstrual cramping I’ve always suffered from my whole life! I’ve tried every supplement under the sun, including calcium/magnesium. For some reason your product works like no other for this problem. As long as I take it daily, the symptoms are usually minor.

Thank you!” –

Z.B., Largo, FL

“I highly recommend Calmag C. It helps me a lot to handle my PMS. I felt so relaxed and had no cramps within 20 min after drinking it. CalMag-C is a real painkiller. It also help me to sleep deep and I wake up fresh without feeling the need to go back to bed. Thank you for making it easy.

Warm regards

Katja K, Germany


Calcium Levels Drop

“Approximately ten days prior to menstruation, when your ovaries are least active, your blood calcium drops steadily and progressively. This

“Because the decreased blood calcium acts as a stress, the production of certain hormones is stimulated and salt and water can be retained in your body, often causing breasts, hands, face, and feet to swell, weight to increase 5 – 10 pounds, headaches, resistance to allergies and infections to decrease markedly. (Interesting point is that crimes of violence committed by women take place mostly during this period – which shows how badly some girls or women are affected by PMS.)

This Problem Can Be Prevented

“Should your blood calcium drop dangerously low, convulsions can result. Yet, if adequate calcium is obtained and efficiently absorbed, both premenstrual tension and menstrual cramps can be prevented.

“During menopause, the lack of ovarian hormones causes severe calcium deficiency symptoms to occur. When this happens, large amounts of calcium should be taken, which will help reduce irritability, hot flashes, night sweats, leg cramps as well as mental depression.

Even after a woman no longer menstruates, there is often one week in a month when she might have a pseudo-menstrual cycle and calcium-deficiency symptoms can be particularly noticeable at such times. It would be wise to increase the calcium intake.” 

It is important to note that calcium should not be taken without its balancing partner, magnesium, in a 2:1 ratio along with some form of acid such as apple cider vinegar or vitamin C. This is because calcium and magnesium are both alkaline and need to have the “acid” to bring it to the correct pH so the body can absorb it.

This is even more vital if stomach acid is low or poor. Eating excess sugar or refined carbohydrates alkalizes the digestive system and prevents absorption of most minerals and can actually lead to acid reflux, strange as it may seem.

It is important to note that non-optimum symptoms in the body do not usually show for a deficiency of only one nutrient but many, even if only one or two are manifesting. A truly healthy body will not have symptoms.

Believe it or not, it is possible for menstruation and menopause to be uneventful. We were not designed to suffer.

Prevention Much More Pleasant

Getting corrections done is simply finding the right solution. Don’t despair, it can be resolved. In order for your body to absorb calcium, it needs magnesium in a 2:1 ratio and vitamin C to create the correct pH so that your body can absorb it speedily. If you don’t get the pH right, the calcium can deposit in unwanted places.

We have formulated our Instant CalMag-C in this way so you can feel the difference literally in minutes. Two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate with vitamin C.

Ideally, you should take it daily and you can increase the dose if any PMS symptoms arise. It would be hard to have too much as your stomach would loosen. Even if you have loose bowels, this is not diarrhea but the magnesium, which is a natural stool softener.



Kids, ‘Flu, Asthma, PMS

I’m a mother of two beautiful twin girls.  They are both 6 years old.  Last year my first daughter was suffering from ‘flu.  When I took her to the doctor they told me that she had asthma.  She was put onto a whole range of medication.  One day I explained to Anya that my child is not getting better. In fact, she is getting worse and very fast.  She recommended Whey Protein, Combovite Powder which the twins love and Calmag.  My kids started to use the products in November and haven’t had any ‘flu since then!  Her asthma has disappeared! For myself, I am using the CalMag-C and if it is that time of the month, believe me I don’t have any period pains anymore! Thanks  for saving my kid’s life!”  

AM Pietersburg

Restless legs, PMS, Sleep, Cramps: Both my husband and I take Instant CalMag-C. We LOVE it. He has restless leg syndrome and this has helped a great deal.  I sleep so sound and it seems to have helped with some PMS for myself- cramps and so on.”


Cramps, PMS, Taste: “My daughter would never drink any calmag no matter how badly she needed it. Last week I tried out your Instant Calmag-C and I liked the lemon taste. I thought that she might like this one. The next day she came home with heavy cramps dus to her period, and I suggested she drink the calmag. She did. She liked it and within ten minutes her cramps were gone. This is a winner!! Thanks!” 

MC, Florida

PMS Abdominal Cramps: “By the way, two days ago I had abdominal cramps (due to having my periods) and was really acting up. I thought of your INSTANT CalMag-C and took it and after approximately half an hour the pain was getting less. Also, I really like the taste – compared to the other calmag products around, it’s like a delicious tea! I definitely will promote it.

HB Florida

Less Bloated: I’ve taken Instant CalMag-C off and on for over a year. I only drink it when I need it and of  course that is too late… but it still works and helps. About a month ago I started drinking it more regularly (4 – 5 times a week for a couple of weeks) and then I forgot to drink it again. After about two weeks of not drinking it regularly I started feeling bloated, a little on edge, snappy and more tired and less energy. I realized that when I was drinking the Instant CalMag-C I felt better, had more energy, felt less grouchy and snappy. I was less bloated and had an over-all feeling of wellness. Another big thing for me is usually two weeks before my period, I get really moody. Instant CalMag-C totally handles this. No more mood swings! In fact, I have no attention on it and I’m surprised when it’s that time of the month. Instant CalMag-C also tastes great — warm or cold. It’s now my daily treat. Before I go to bed I have a nice warm glass of Instant CalMag-C.

L.P., Clearwater, FL

Excerpted from the works of Adelle Davis.

Please note: we are not doctors. If you or a loved one is suffering from a health condition, please consult your medical doctor for advice. We do, however, urge you to see a doctor who understands nutrition’s role in resolving any health problems you have.

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