Beat Dehydration with 15-Min Class

You have your book, now for the class!

Dehydration, How to Handle It and Get Hydrated from Desiree Lotz

If you haven’t downloaded the ebook, download it now here. It is chock full of information on how to better survive through proper hydration, what it means to the body and how the body works so you’ll always know what it needs and when.

Once you have the book, you’re ready for the class which can be accessed via the slideshow above. 39 Slides and 15 minutes and you’re educated on what you need to know. And, the companion manual will keep you on-point!

You are now ready to watch and start hydrating properly, not with just water, but with an understanding and fulfillment of exactly what your body requires to operate at all.

So take start the class now!

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