Back Pain Can Be Relieved

Steve S is a testament to that.

“I’ve been bothered by sciatica for many years.  I’m 68 years old and my PCP (primary care physician) sent me to an orthopedic specialist.  He recommended cortisone shots in my back. I had cortisone shots in my spine in May, June and July of 2016 but It didn’t help. 

“I then had a spinal fusion in August 2016.  It helped some, but the pain never went away.  In June/July of 2017 I was back in the doctor’s office.  I had two additional MRI’s in hopes that it would help the doctor figure out what was going on with my spine. 

“In August of 2017 I started getting terrible leg cramps at night.  They were so bad that it woke me up from a sound sleep.  I took some magnesium pills, but it didn’t help. That is when I remembered that my brother and sister-in-law had told me about CalMag-C.  I still had some that they had given me. 

“I started using it daily and my leg cramps immediately went away.  AND… about one week later I got up and my sciatica pain was GONE.  I purchased another three bottles of CalMag-C and have been using it daily for the past six months, and I haven’t had any sciatica pain or leg cramps since.  CalMag-C really worked for me.

Steve S.


Almost 80% of adults are affected by back pain at some time or other. It is one of the most common reasons for hospitalization in the United States. A variety of problems in the muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, or an organ, such as the kidneys, liver, adrenals can cause back pain. Aches and pains in the lower back can become chronic.


It was assumed, for many years, that back pain was the result of spinal degeneration or injury, especially damage to the discs of the spine. Of course a herniated disc can cause severe temporary or constant back pain. However, it is difficult to pinpoint disc disease as the main cause of back pain. That’s because most adults over 40 – whether they experience back pain or not – can be shown to have some degree of disc degeneration.

The main cause of back pain is simply muscle strain. Symptoms can come on suddenly and can be very painful but back pain is actually a problem that develops over a long period of time.

Back pain can be caused by poor posture, improper footwear and walking habits, improper lifting, straining, slouching when sitting, spending hours and hours bent over a computer or sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard.

It can also be caused by kidney, bladder, prostrate problems, female pelvic disorders, etc. Constipation can even cause back pain. Chronic conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, bone disease and abnormal curvature of the spine can also cause back pain. There are so many possible causes.


People who suffer from muscle weakness and/or spasms  have been found to have unusually low levels of magnesium in their cells. Bone repair or dvelopment can be halted by a diet low in protein or vitamin C, which are essential for connective tissue formation. Although vitamin C forms the connective tissue, calcium is the “cement” that makes it strong, so these nutrients all work together. Connective tissue is the material that holds all of the cells in your body together.


An adequate diet of good protein, calcium, magnesium and vitamins C and D helps build good nerves and muscles, along with essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Calcium is essential in maintaining normal muscle tone, excellent posture, and strong muscular contraction. It is the reason why it’s so valuable during labor at childbirth. Calcium cannot work without magnesium, which works with calcium to regulate muscle tone.  And the calcium gluconate form of calcium is actually a natural pain killer. These two minerals are vital for our nerves to function so the body can relax and not tense up our muscles.

In order to actually absorb calcium and magnesium into your body, they need to be taken together in the doctor-recommended 2:1 ratio in a liquid form with the correct pH balanced to greatly enhance uptake by the body. If taken this way, they don’t even need to depend on your digestive system as they absorb immediately into your body.


Instant CalMag-C is a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with vitamin C. It provides the doctor-recommended 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium with the precise pH so that your body can absorb it instantly.  The vitamin C is what gives Instant CalMag-C it’s perfect pH (acid/alkaline) balance and why your body absorbs it instantly without digestion.



I originally started using Instant CalMag-C because I have a bad back that keeps me in bed laying flat and sometimes I have problems sleeping, because of the pain. It helped me immediately. Thank you for a great product that has helped me so much.” B.F., Cape Coral, FL

I’m really so happy with Instant CalMag-C. It’s not only that my back pain has almost disappeared, I also sleep better and feel much better during my daywork. I’m much more relaxed and simply happy. I suffered from muscle stiffness and the resultant back pain for more than four years now. I can’t believe that this suffering is coming to an end now! Be sure I’m going to be your most faithful customer.”

CG, Fairfax, VA

“After about 20 minutes of taking INSTANT CalMag-C my lower back pain is gone! This stuff works great.” 

DR., Clearwater, FL.

“Whenever that time of the month rolls around, I tend to get irritable, anxious and experience lower back pain. INSTANT CalMag-C totally handles this with me, which makes not just me but my whole family happier! Thanks for such a great product. It really helps.”

MC., Clearwater, FL

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article or e-mail is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This information is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor. It is solely for educational purposes.

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